How to Meditate Your Way Through Stress

Miranda Aponte
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I don’t know about you, but I find it almost impossible to meditate when I’m upset or going through extreme stress. A little voice in my head tells me that it’s not going to help, or it’s not going stop the stressful situation from taking place.
The latter part is right. Meditating doesn’t change the situation from happening, but what it does is something more magical – it shifts your perspective. The truth is we can manifest all we want, but there are outer forces that are always going to come into play. Things that are always going to be different than we imagined.
We live in a time where our will and strength will be put to the test.
Meditation teaches me that this is natural, the way of life, and that my emotions will pass. It is extremely important to return to your inner divinity and keep the stress, fear, and anxiety from growing inside you.
When you return to the place where outer forces cannot affect you, you return to love, your true essence. That is what is necessary right now, to live out of love, with love, and for love. We live in a time where our will and strength will be put to the test.

We live in a time where our will and strength will be put to the test.

Tap into your inner power by meditating. Stay empowered and do not allow outer forces to take away or dim your light.
There will be times that are stressful and challenging, and times when you can’t find the motivation to meditate. But then there comes a moment when you realize you absolutely NEED to meditate. I always, always regret not doing it sooner . . .

Here are a few ways to help you reach that moment sooner and meditate your way through stress and anxiety:


  • Set a reminder on your phone with a message that speaks to you, like “Keep calm and meditate.”
  • Find a meditation partner for accountability. Just like you may have one for the gym, find a friend and help motivate and keep each other on track.
  • Pick a certain spot in your home that you feel safe and calm in, where you can easily groove into meditation.
  • Create the ambience – whatever you need to get into the zone – soft relaxing music, candles or incense, a beautiful meditation cushion
  • Talk yourself into it. Even if you don’t feel like it. Imagine how you are going to feel after you meditate.
  • Consider signing up for Inner Engineering, an online course for inner transformation led by Sadhguru.
  • Think about any relationship you have – whether it’s with your romantic partner or your mom – where meditation could improve it. Meditation helps us to listen and be at peace – two necessary ingredients for healthy, growing relationships.


Meditation brings a wide range of healing benefits – from less stress, more connectedness, and tapping into collective consciousness. Meditation brings silence and peace, unity, and a sense of calm and grounding.
You can always, always come back to your home – your inner divinity. Here, you will find relief from stress and anxiety, because meditation helps you cope in healthy ways.
I encourage you to share your meditation with others. Ask others to try it with you, start a meditation circle, go to a meditation class. Sharing the magic of meditation just makes it that much more powerful.

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Miranda Aponte

Miranda studied strategic design management at Parsons in New York. She fell in love with travel after studying abroad. Miranda's personal mission is to creatively exercise her passion for connecting with others and our immediate surroundings through design and travel. She has been practicing yoga since high school and loves it for the peace and deeper connection with self that it brings her.

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