Check Out MC Yogi’s Newest Music Video: Heaven Is Here

Johnny Jedi
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Picture it: you’re in a yoga class, sweating your asana off. You’re working hard, just trying to get through these last few sun salutations, when the next song floats through the speakers.

It’s catchy and upbeat, with a rhythm that makes you want to stop flowing and start dancing! Just when you thought you couldn’t do another chaturanga push-up, you suddenly catch your second wind.

This song is awesome and you feel motivated!! This, my friends, is the power of music.

MC Yogi is a yoga instructor, graffiti artist, and hip-hop musician who just released his newest song and music video, Heaven Is Here. As a yoga instructor himself, MC Yogi knows just what it takes to create a song that will definitely give you that second wind, and leave class with that coveted yoga high.

Give Heaven Is Here a listen, and maybe even add it to your yoga playlist! And, while you’re at it, grab MC Yogi’s book, Spiritual Graffiti, Finding My True Path.

Check out the music video here!

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Johnny Jedi

Johnny was born in Rasario, Argentina and moved to the Big Apple when he was a teenager. There he found his three passions: yoga, writing and his pet chinchilla Henry. And yes, you guessed it, Johnny likes Star Wars.

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