These Meditation + Intention Cards Will Help You Create Daily Joy

May You Know Joy is a company created by a life coach who specializes in helping others create more joy in their lives through self-kindness techniques. Fittingly, May You Know Joy offers meditation and intention cards that also serve the purpose of helping you live a more meaningful, fulfilling life filled with joy and self-love.

What are meditation cards?

Similar to tarot cards, each card you choose has a special message. Once you’ve pulled the card, you can then explore the meaning behind the message and gain insight on that area of your life.
Yet meditation cards are much more simple and approachable than tarot cards. You simply pick a card and reference its meaning in the accompanying booklet. From there, you can use that message as your meditation or focus of the day. It’s a simple yet effective way to incorporate a positive theme into your life each day to uplift and empower yourself.
Intention cards are just that – they offer daily intentions for living a more mindful, positive, and purposeful life. Simply pick a card (they have a knack for being chosen when you most need them . . .) and allow that to be the intention you set for the day.
We checked out these two card decks, took them for a spin, and were truly inspired by their simple yet profound impact.

Here’s all you need to know about the two card decks offered by May You Know Joy:

1. May You Know Joy Meditation Cards

The bigger (in physical size) of the two decks, the 42-card deck comes with glossy cards that each contain a simple message of “may you know ______.” A few examples: “May you know love,” “May you know magic,” “May you know openness,” and more.
Once you’ve chosen your card, grab the accompanying booklet to look up the card’s meaning. Here’s a brief excerpt from “May you know love.” May you know love. May you be kind and gracious and generous to yourself . . . and may this love radiate to the world around you . . . May pure love drive your actions and ideas . . .”

May you know love. May you be kind and gracious and generous to yourself . . . and may this love radiate to the world around you . . . May pure love drive your actions and ideas . . .

This is just one example of the beautiful messages contained within this deck, waiting to be discovered by you just when you need it or are ready to hear it most.
Uses we love these cards for: Talk about a fun way to evoke positive, uplifting, and meaningful conversation at your next dinner party or friendly gathering!
These cards are excellent for incorporating into a daily meditation or mindfulness routine, and also offer a form of support for anyone going through a challenging time, looking for a little guidance, or simply wanting more positivity in their lives. These cards make a great gift idea too!

2. Seeds of Intention Cards

This compact deck is the same size as a deck of playing cards and are essentially the on-the-go version of the May You Know Joy cards. The intentions range from invitingly inspirational (“For today I count my blessings” and “For today I know that I am beautiful”) to positive and encouraging (“For today I savor each moment” and “For today I honor my feelings”).
Uses we love these cards for: Calling all yoga teachers! The Seeds of Intention deck is perfect for setting the intention in your yoga classes. If you’re feeling stale or uninspired in your teaching, grab a card and let that lead your next class, or maybe hand one out to each student to use as their own intention.

For today I know that I am beautiful

Not a yoga teacher? These cards are great for anyone wanting to set a positive intention to ring in the new day. They’re a great idea for parent/child activities and talking points. Regardless of how you use them, these intention cards foster more joy, positivity, and mindfulness in your life.
We love products that help promote a more positive, empowered, and fulfilling life. It’s so important to do things for yourself – establish healthy habits, practice self-care, do activities you enjoy – to create more good in your life. That’s why we love the May You Know Joy meditation and intention cards, and we think you will too!
Learn more about May You Know Joy at MayYouKnowJoy.com.

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