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9 Ways Yoga Makes You a Better Lover

Alexa Erickson
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It’s commonly acknowledged that yoga means union, oneness, bliss. One of the ways Patanjali, thought to be the originator of Classical Yoga, described yoga was as duality. We often pick up a regular yoga practice as a path to Zen, to strengthen our muscles and mind, to gain flexibility in spirit and in our body, and so on.
There are numerous reasons why yoga can benefit your everyday life, and, with the idea of unified bliss in mind, it makes sense that yoga would benefit your sex life, too.
Let’s round up the top nine reasons yoga can help you be a better lover:

1. Mula bandha

The bandhas are channels that work to direct the flow of breath – the life-force energy that connects us all on a universal level. Mula bandha, or root lock, is used to contract the perineal muscles at the base of the pelvis during specific yoga poses to generate ultimate strength (think kegels in everyday life). When you work these muscles, you promote more intense orgasms for yourself, and even for your partner when you squeeze their body with them, too.

2. Union through breath

Yoga teaches you to appreciate the power of conscious breathing. Often times in a yoga class, students and teacher create a oneness in their breaths, inhaling and exhaling to create a rhythm as they flow. The overall sound is harmonious and establishes a sense of connection. Use this idea to connect your breath with your partner, and feel the bliss of being in sync. You’ve just raised the bar on your level of intimacy!

3. Flexibility

There’s something incredibly sexy about someone who is flexible and agile. A regular yoga practice will help you gain flexibility and agility – whether you’re being spontaneous in the back seat of a car, or you’re intrigued to try a new sex position at home.

4. Complete connection

The word “yoga” came from a loose translation of a Sanskrit term meaning to yoke or to unite, which is exactly what you do during sex. If you can connect your mind, body and spirit during your yoga practice, you most certainly can in different aspects of your life. Why not practice this powerful connection in bed with your lover?

5. Patience

There is no rushing in yoga. In fact, many use the practice to help them recover from the fast-paced mentalities of everyday life. From taking your time to warm up, to indulging in savasana – yoga, at every stage, is a treat. Apply this mindful, patient pace to the bedroom! Foreplay is easy to overlook, but incredibly beneficial for your connection, sense of feeling, and ultimate pleasure. Be patient in exploring each other’s bodies. Like yoga, you can make sex a beautiful journey each and every time.


6. Positive mental attitude

Negative thought patterns are an outcome of chronic stress and anxiety. This negativity can cause us to hide from others physically and mentally. Practicing yoga is about benefitting physically as much as it is about finding mental balance. Feeling unsettled doesn’t make way for a healthy sex life, so when we work on our mental state, we allow positivity to connect us to our partner, making way for the urge to have more sex.

7. Body awareness

It’s impossible to know what we need if we don’t know our own bodies. This makes it incredibly difficult for our partner to please us as well. In yoga, there are so many variations for everyone’s needs, and these help each student become aware of their strengths, weaknesses, and more importantly, what feels good and what doesn’t. You have to pay attention to the sensations and not be afraid to speak your mind, try new things, or even say no to something. The more you learn about your body, the more you get to feel.

8. Endless exploration

In yoga, we can find ourselves simply going through the motions, when suddenly our yoga teacher reminds us to hone in on how something feels. Likewise, it’s easy to fall into a rut with our partner, simply going through the motions. Use those little reminders in your yoga practice to reconnect with your body and your partner’s every time you make love. You may find that one day you’re intrigued to try something new in yoga. Carry this energy into the bedroom. Let go of fear and explore the unknown.

9. Being in the moment

How often does your yoga teacher bring you back to the moment throughout class? The practice encourages being present, letting go of the outside world, distractions, and anything that does not serve you in your current space. This focus can help you when you are alone with your partner. Giving in to true bliss, explore the sensations of skin-on-skin contact without your mind getting in the way.
For yogis, being bendy, mindful, patient, connected, creative and adventurous all translate to more fun in the bedroom, spiritually and sensually. So what are you waiting for? Find out how that new pose you conquered in yoga class can work wonders in the bedroom, or how your breath can help you and your partner feel the love and the light in a whole new way. Xoxo!

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Alexa Erickson

Inspired by balance, Alexa finds that her true inner peace comes from executing a well-rounded lifestyle. An avid yogi, hiker, beach bum, music and art enthusiast, salad aficionado, adventure seeker, animal lover, and professional writer, she is an active individual who loves to express herself through the power of words.


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