Yoga Teachers Are Creating Their Own Studio Vibe at This Colorado Co-op

If you’re a yoga teacher, you know the struggle of finding studios to teach at (particularly these days), working with the studio’s schedules, or facing the challenge of finding a space to host your own classes or events.

As a yoga student, you may question how much of your drop-in or monthly membership dollars are going to the teacher (the answer is typically not much, since the compensation a teacher receives for teaching an in-person hour-long yoga class can be as low as $15 or $20).

The Living Flow School located in Denver, Colorado is changing the industry for both yoga teachers and students. Not your typical yoga studio, this co-op venue is paid for and operated by a group of local yoga instructors who host their own classes and special events.

This beautiful space is also available for hourly rental or different weekly/monthly time blocks (they offer a discount for monthly rentals) with a range of availability throughout the week. It can be rented for private and group sessions, workshops, bodywork sessions, other types of movement classes, and community gatherings.

Originally the Evans School built in the “Classical Revival Style” in 1904, the space is a beautiful historic red brick building centrally located in downtown Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood near the Cultural Arts District.

Read on to learn more about this unique yoga venue.

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Meet the Living Flow School

As a co-op, the Living Flow School is collectively paid for by the team of instructors who teach their unique offerings in the space. Students pay the teacher directly for class by their preferred method (which varies from teacher to teacher).

The Flow School currently offers a good amount of weekly yoga classes, ranging from Yin Yoga and Prana Vinyasa to inversion classes, Yoga Nidra and more. There’s also a range of special events like Human Design and Conscious Conversation with Equity and Inclusion for Yoga and Wellness Leaders.

This model removes the yoga studio as the “middle man” and keeps the connection between space, student, and teacher pure and simple.

Attendance and registration is simple. You can search by weekly class or special event. From there, you’ll select the offering you’d like to attend, and click “Register for this class.”

In a sense, this model removes the yoga studio as the “middle man” and keeps the connection between space, student, and teacher pure and simple. As the Flow School explains on their website, “We believe this is an authentic and accessible way to experience yoga and create a clear energetic exchange between individuals.”

The space is a beautiful, blank canvas for teachers to create the vibe they want for their classes and offerings. With high ceilings, original wood floors and brick walls, and no shortage of natural light, it’s a unique and gorgeous space to teach or practice yoga.

The Benefits of the Flow School for Yoga Instructors

As the website describes the Flow School’s concept, “It is a collective container for individual teachers to do their amazing work.” This concept and approach to a yoga studio apart from the rest allows for the ultimate freedom for the teacher.

From a scheduling and time perspective, to the ways they choose to market and promote their classes, along with what and how they want to teach and the type of compensation they request in return (ranging from donation-based and up).

While many yoga instructors appreciate the security or support of a more typical yoga studio, many others would welcome the freedom and ability to teach entirely on their own terms.

Teachers manage their own payments (and set their own payscale) and registration for their classes and offerings, and are also listed on the Living Flow School website and featured on their Instagram page. It’s a nice blend of support and community with freedom and autonomy.

The Benefits of the Flow School for Yoga Students

Students often gravitate to wherever their favorite teacher or teachers teach, and oftentimes it’s less about where they teach and more about being able to practice with that particular instructor.

The Flow School concept allows students to support their teachers directly, as opposed to the yoga studio that teacher works for.

The Living Flow School: Check It Out!

If you’re a Denver local or live in the greater Denver Metro area, lucky you! Go check this place out in person, take a class, and support the teachers.

If you’re not in the area, but love this concept, perhaps the Flow School will create a co-op yoga venue ripple effect in other cities and locations around the world!

To book, visit this site. For any inquiries, you can email

What do you think about this concept? Tickle your fancy or not your cup of tea? Please share your thoughts in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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