4 Simple Ways to Start Living a More Positive Life

Alissa Lastres
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“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” – Franz Kafka
I believe happiness is a choice. I believe it is a choice we make every second of every day. Each day presents us with situations that could derail us from our quest to nourish our souls with positivity… if we allow them to.

It seems like for some people, choosing happiness comes naturally. For others, it can take some real intention and practice. Either way, this is a practice and a mindset worth striving for and maintaining, because what could be more important than living a happy life full of beauty?

Even if for only a second, being mindfully grateful of our circumstances can be so uplifting that it can change the course of an entire day.

Here are some tips to see the beauty in our lives and to start living a more positive life today:

1. Drive mindfully

Driving mindfully is liberating, truly. Practicing mindful meditation can be a difficult task to conquer. An easier place to start is simply being mindful of the present moment as often as possible.

Driving is a great way to do that. Try to reign in your mind when it wanders and focus it back on the moment, noticing the scenery, the car, the weather, and the present. Be detailed with your awareness: notice the feel of the gas pedal beneath your foot, the sound of the engine, your hands on the steering wheel. Cultivating this level of awareness is calming and centering.
2. Compliment someone
I mean truly complimenting someone. Find the light in another human being, appreciate them for being present in this moment with you, and tell them what gift you think they bring to the world.

Start with the people you love.

Remind them that their mere presence in your life replenishes your heart and spirit. It will make you feel better to see the positive and it might make a real difference to them.

When you offer the gift of love and gratitude to others, you automatically receive the same gift within.

3. Choose love

It is a choice, and at times a difficult one, to see the world and all of the unique souls in it through the eyes of love, but doing so allows us to have more light in our own hearts.

When we let go of other’s actions, even the actions of complete strangers, we carry with us less anger and resentment. One way to let go of other’s actions is to forgive them. One of the best ways I have found to forgive is to see them through the eyes of love.

Choose love toward all humanity.

What we need to remember is that we do not have access to anyone’s thoughts and intentions aside from our own. Therefore, any ideas we have about their actions are simply assumptions.

When we choose love, we are choosing to let a happy heart guide those assumptions. We might be immensely wrong—there are obviously people who have negative intentions—but are we really going to stop and ask everyone for an explanation to their behaviors?

The truth is that it doesn’t matter. Choosing love is not excusing their behavior, but it is saving our own spirit from anger and hatred. In the end, we are the ones who reap the benefits as happy, healthier individuals.

4. Practice self-compassion

Just as we choose love toward others, we need to choose love toward ourselves. We create the standards by which we live. We cannot hold ourselves to impossible ones.
Often times, we are our own worst critics. Choose instead to view yourself with compassion through eyes of love. Begin each morning with a positive affirmation and close each evening expressing gratitude for an accomplishment that day. Write them down. Look back on them during times of weakness.

Continue to show yourself compassion and love. This is the ultimate path to finding beauty and happiness in your life.
Become mindful of these practices throughout your day. Think about where you can insert them to find beauty in yourself, others and in the world. Negativity ages us, it pains us, and it brings us down. Choose optimism and choose to find the beauty. Choose happiness every day. Your positive outlook will begin to influence the same in others, and in so doing, spread your light throughout the world. Be happy! See the beauty in all things! Be the change you wish to see.

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Alissa Lastres

Alissa Lastres has a graduate degree in Mental Health Counseling. She practices yoga daily and loves writing about wellness because she feels that we all harbor so much power to create a life of happiness and love. She is inspired easily, thrives on new experiences, and believes traveling is good for the soul.


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