Two Poems to Warm Your Heart and Soothe Your Soul

Kerry Fantelli
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Why cut what we can untie?

This knot
Tied tightly
Coiled inside of the heart
Will only serve to block, halt, prevent love.
Soften the knot
Unravel it, untie it
Let it loose
Let it be what it was meant to be
A billowing ribbon
Stretching from person to person
Connecting us all
In this unity called life
Why keep yourself tied up
In a prison of your own creation?
Why allow pain to twist inside of you
Ready to strike out hurt to the next
In order to rid yourself of it?
That is what happens when you spread fear
Use the ribbon for good
Allow it to lift someone that may be in a well of despair
Perhaps someone needs a lifeline thrown out to them before they sink.
Help instead of walking past with averted eyes
Free yourself by freeing those around you
What comes from that
But freedom, peace for all
Maybe the approach of optimism or positivity does not come naturally to you
after years of sinking yourself . . .
Years of not helping, but hiding yourself
Your pain, your fear an armor, a shield
Keeping everyone at arm’s length so no hugs can be offered or accepted
Instead, throw your arms wide
See what you catch
Untie the knots that have lived for too long in the seat of your being
Soften the hardness
Open the closed pieces that long to break free
Ask yourself the questions of what you can do to serve
Create, embrace
Lift up
Allow . . .
Walk the path of forgiveness until you don’t even realize it is a path
It is just the way.


Are we worthy?

working on self-love, compassion
Forgiving for past blunders
Hard stuff it is
not defining worth by what others say
or don’t say
about us.
It sure is a bumpy road
Sadly, a life spent rating yourself
On how you relate to others, to society
How well you speak, act, look, dress, walk
Are you a good daughter, father, student, mother, lover, employee, friend
All that is is a reflection . . .
Societal pressures, demands mirroring what should be
Brash, obnoxious
Defiant, unruly
Shaking with injustice
Messy, flawed, mistake-ridden
Loud speaker
Wrong after wrong emanating
Quieted voice, body
Yet underneath that calm veneer
Restless waters roar.
Now, the balance
Tightrope walk between calm, fire
Maybe we all could be a scented, lit candle
Pleasant, providing light, a lovely aroma
Comfortable chairs with blankets to curl up in.
So tired
of the smile mask
the “I am ok’s”
When the world earthquake shakes
Unsteady ground as you keep walking
Constant, days, nights . . .
Teach, try to live by example
learn, grow
Meditate, move
speak on being present, on the breath –
how it can calm, slow the racing hamster wheel of our knee jerk reactive brain
Some days we all should be wearing robes, sitting in lotus, gazing out over a meadow
Then the wind turns
There we are, all sharp edges, furrowed brows
All sides, always blending
complete, and beautiful.
The answer to my question?
Yes, we are all worthy.

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Kerry Fantelli

Kerry Fantelli is a medical professional, yoga practitioner, and instructor. Recently, Kerry has been reading her writing after her yoga classes and also has shared poems with her patients that she hopes may find solace in her words. She is a healer and loves to write with the theme of helping, easing, and understanding emotions. She lives in Burlington, Vermont with her beautiful daughter, Thabitha, who is a source of constant inspiration.

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