What if We Replaced Detention with Meditation? This School Did & the Results Are Amazing

Michelle Stanger
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There are scary situations in our world today – negativity and hate rule our thoughts and actions. Is this really what we want to leave to our children? Can we set them up for success to make this world better? Yes, we can and it all begins with teaching kids how to connect with themselves and become more mindful.
As a mother, I have seen the added pressures on our youth and how it affects them. We expect so much from kids and at such a young age, but we do not give them the time to learn about themselves or the tools to cope with the added stress. Instead, we amplify their uncertain views of who they are with discipline they do not fully understand.
Thankfully, there are programs like the Holistic Life Foundation based in Baltimore who provide groundbreaking programs to teach kids mindfulness, meditation, breathwork and yoga in area schools.

These programs provide students with a better awareness of their emotions, improved concentration, ways to relax the mind in stressful situations, tools to control anger, and much more.

The results have been so positive that one local school decided to replace detention with meditation.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary school in Baltimore now has a Mindful Moment Room where children who are acting out can go and practice their breathwork, meditation and even talk about what happened. Children are encouraged to work through their emotions and calm down instead of sitting in detention and becoming more upset.

So far, the school has seen a decline in suspensions and positive feedback from the changes. Now the children bring home mindful practices instead of anger and frustration – something everyone at home can benefit from. We here at YogiApproved think that’s pretty darn important, inspiring, and amazing.
How do you feel about this new mindfulness program this school adopted? Do you think it could be a positive change in our school system? Have you seen how meditation impacts children? Let us know!

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is a mama to fur and non-fur babies, a yoga and Buti Yoga instructor and Partnerships Manager here at YogiApproved.com. She is forever grateful for her yoga practice and is honored to be able to share the practice with others. You can usually catch her seeking sunshine, chocolate, and a good laugh-session with her OMies. Connect with her on IG @arifishmama.


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