How to Regain Your Youthful Confidence (Poem)

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When do we lose that beautiful pride? Not the ego-driven kind, but the free-spirited, self-loving kind. The one when we knew we were great. Flying on our bikes. No training wheels, and definitely no hands. Liberation at its finest.
Then we are taught: don’t brag, don’t be arrogant! Don’t tell people how good you are, or what your talents are. Don’t let people see that side to you. People won’t like you if you do.
Is that really true?! I suppose some folks would automatically think Arrogance! Ego! Pride! if you gush about your gifts. But isn’t your gift more about them than it is about you? Maybe they’ve been so filled with fear, hiding their own beauty for so long, that they have lost the ability to recognize beauty in others.
Jealousy, envy, fear . . . we have all felt those negative emotions. Yet, when you are free and tossing your beautiful gifts to the world, those feelings lose their energy – their power.
Remember how you felt so free and so incredibly proud during your “Look Ma! No hands!” moments? I invite you to bring these moments back, again and again. Let’s build those moments together, with huge smiles and flying hair.

Look Ma! No Hands!

why are we loathe to spout our greatness
garden hose of self-love
a sprinkler
giving off rainbows
on green, wet grass
Reminiscent of running through those raining colors
Feeling magical on summer days
who are we not to say what makes us lovable
generous, bright
why can we not toss our heads back, hearts wide
open arm love
how we walk on this earth
The laughter we bring
The gifts we share
joy, healing, smiles and sweat
fun and guidance
a large jump
on an even larger trampoline
flying in sun-kissed air
skin glowing
heart full
we are greatness
Yet we still have sleepless nights
melancholy days
We are human
we practice lack of attachment
letting things go
letting things be
what is trusting yourself if not love
what is loving yourself if not belief
We don’t wish to stay
caught up on playground thoughts
We will breathe
move, care, grow
accept what that may mean
find fleeting peace
flying on a breeze
but if we try
to grab it
hold it, keep it
We will open our eyes
And find our hands empty

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Kerry Fantelli is a medical professional and yoga instructor based in Vermont. Recently, Kerry has been reading her writing after her yoga classes and also has shared poems with her patients that she hopes may find solace in her words. She is a healer and loves to write with the theme of helping, easing, and understanding emotions.

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