It’s Cuddling Season: 10 Netflix Movies Perfect for Date Night

Morgan Casavant
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Do you love cuddling? The shift towards cooler weather means it’s time to watch some cuddle-worthy movies. These 10 Netflix movies cover everything from suspense to comedy, and are perfect for cuddling up with your person.
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Cozy Up to These 10 Netflix Movies Perfect for Cuddling

Grab the blankets and popcorn, and snuggle up with your favorite human!

1. Moonrise Kingdom (Comedy-Drama, 2012)

Moonrise Kingdom is a part comedy, part drama directed by Wes Anderson and starring Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and more. The story follows Sam and Suzy on a whimsical adventure through love, loss, and childhood.

2. All Good Things (Suspense, 2010)

What starts as a meet-cute story starring Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst, All Good Things turns to suspense when the young couple begins to face the stressors of life. Based on true events, you’ll definitely want to cuddle close for this borderline thriller.

3. Amelie (Rom-Com, 2001)

This whimsical French classic follows Amelie as she embarks on a mission to better the lives of other people in her community. She even finds out a way to create happiness for herself!

4. Dirty Dancing (Romantic Drama, 1987)

A cinematic classic, Dirty Dancing is always a great romantic movie to cuddle up to. Nobody puts Baby in a corner!


5. The Truman Show (Comedy-Drama, 1998)

Ever feel like you’re being watched? Truman Burbank is the subject of a reality television social experiment and the star of The Truman Show. He truly is being watched – by everyone, every moment of every day.

6. What We Do in the Shadows (Mockumentary, 2015)

Vampires are really just like everyone else. They have to pay rent and deal with lazy roommates, they fall in love and have distinct social circles (and social rivalries!). With What We Do in the Shadows, we get a hilarious peek into the mundane life of a modern vampire.

7. Chef (Drama, 2014)

Chef debuted on the movie festival circuit. It’s a tale of a talented chef constrained by the limitations of other people until he discovers his own way. Don’t watch this on an empty stomach!

8. The Girl with All the Gifts (Thriller, 2016)

Based on the book set in an apocalyptic future, The Girl with All the Gifts is not your average zombie tale. A new generation of “zombies” retain their ability to think and learn. We follow Melanie, a member of this new generation on a thrilling and suspenseful adventure.

9. The Age Of Adaline (Romance, 2015)

After an accident with a magical ending, 29-year-old Adaline discovers that she can no longer age. Adaline quickly learns that her life must be lived out on the run to avoid capture and testing, but what happens when she has a new opportunity to fall in love?

10. The Kings of Summer (Comedy, 2013)

The Kings of Summer is a comedic coming of age story following three teenage boys who are sick of being told what to do. They escape to the wilderness and vow to live off the land, but they quickly learn that being on your own isn’t exactly ideal.

Enjoy Your Netflix Cuddling Sesh!

Is there really anything better than cuddling with your favorite human and a great movie? It’s definitely high up on the list for me. Enjoy these movies!
What are some of your favorite cuddling movies?

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