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We Need Less Dick Heads & More People Living Like They Mean It (Poem)

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**Warning–this is sassy, crassy, offensive and I loved writing every word of it:

Sleep 8 hours a night
Drink twelve cups of water
Drink milk
Eat meat or you’ll waste away
like those grass eating hippies
the ones who won’t eat gummy bears
because they contain honey
and the bees — the poor bees
God save the bees!
Doing their jobs on this planet
like everyone else
Bee cruelty?
You’re an idiot
I’ll eat those
They’re delicious
I’m deliriously happy
haven’t slept enough
drank three times my weight in coffee
No milk
it’s all crap–marketing cheerleaders
all I need is coffee, connection and ink
I’m fed
I’m the happiest fucker in this airport
moping around because you had to wait a second in line
It’s life!
You must wait
You instant gratification shit heads
If you don’t want to be here
go home
What’s at home? Your TV?
Your Steve Job gadgets?
That’s what you’re in a rush for?
to get off the plane and turn your phone on
life is precious
You’re wasting all our time
with your melodramatic sighs
because the woman forgot to take her belt off
There are worse things
we are so lucky
I want to drop ungrateful fucks
in places of conflict
you complain about a baby crying on an airplane
It’s an inconvenience, isn’t it?
try dodging bullets
watching vultures eating the bodies of those who didn’t make it
While you complain about your leg room
someone is bed ridden with disease
without the means to buy medicine
Do you know how lucky you are?
Has your soul quit seeing gratitude?
Quit complaining
Exist differently
We need less dick heads and more people living like they mean it!


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Janne Robinson is a Poet, Elephant Journal columnist, bushwalker and activist currently residing on the Sunshine Coast, BC. She cuts kindling with her teeth, eats Bukowski and coffee for breakfast and makes the habit of saying the word feminist as much as possible. She loves the smell of freshly cut cedar, writing on airplanes, and whiskys that swing their hips when they walk and know what they are doing.

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