What Would Happen If We All Did This Once A Day? (Video)

Michelle Stanger
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It’s a simple question, “Can I help you with anything?”
One man travels through London with one simple goal: to help people with anything they need. Some are hesitant, some are suspicious and some are surprised, but the idea behind this gesture will definitely get you thinking.
The crew at Kindness.org created a beautiful video that has everyone asking, “What would happen if we all did this?”


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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is a mama to fur and non-fur babies, a yoga and Buti Yoga instructor and Partnerships Manager here at YogiApproved.com. She is forever grateful for her yoga practice and is honored to be able to share the practice with others. You can usually catch her seeking sunshine, chocolate, and a good laugh-session with her OMies. Connect with her on IG @arifishmama.


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