Cameron Diaz Talks How to Live Authentically and Find Contentment (Video)

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We’ve all seen her beautiful smile in movies. We’ve fallen in love with her in Charlie’s Angels or The Mask (throwback!). But do we know the real Cameron? No, of course not!
. . . Or at least not until now. In this short video, Cameron steps out of her movie star role and into real talk. She opens up about fame, how it’s not her motive for acting, and how it’s actually just her job. Outside of being a Hollywood sweetheart, Cameron has some serious wisdom, and she’s here to share it with you.
She speaks of her personal experience dealing with fame and the inevitable questions that get asked – how do I become famous like you? Her response? Why are you seeking fame in the first place? Because if you want fame to define you, you’ll never find a lasting sense of happiness, or contentment.
Cameron’s point reaches far beyond the scope of fame and fortune. The real moral of the story is this – we often live in tomorrow, meaning that we often tell ourselves, Once I have _______, I’ll be happy. Or, Once I accomplish _______, I’ll find peace. Once I get that new _______, I’ll be satisfied.
But what about today?!

Happiness, peace, contentment – these are all things that come from within. They’re an inside job. Exterior things like success, wealth, or reputation – these don’t define you, though in modern society, we often feel they do or should.
Move away from the impulse to seek contentment outside of yourself. Instead, get back to that place of authenticity, where everything you do comes from a deep sense of grounded intention – not impulse. This is how you define yourself, and this is how you establish an unwavering sense of peace, happiness, and contentment.
In the words of Cameron Diaz, “Fulfillment comes from within you, by being authentic to yourself.” If you feel moved by this video, please share it and keep the inspiration flowing!

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