8 Perfect Yoga-Inspired Breakup Lines

Morgan Garza
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Breaking up with someone is never easy – but when you know what the heart wants – or more importantly, doesn’t want – there’s no escape from pulling the trigger.
Although this is a satirical way to tell your beloved that you’re just not into them anymore, there is an element of grace in staying true to your yogic lifestyle of peace, love, and light. You’ve got to put yourself first and honor the voice of your intuition.

The next time you find yourself in a position where you’ve got to move on, give these yoga-inspired breakup lines a try:


1. You’re just not good for my energy


Energy doesn’t lie and neither should you when you know what you want. Protect your energy and nourish it with high-vibe people.

2. I don’t see your chakras aligning anytime soon


Ain’t nobody got time for misaligned chakras! #boybye

3. It’s not you, it’s your asana


If they can’t get their ass-ana off the couch or recognize the importance of self-love, roll up your mat and raise your vibration.

4. I’m sorry but I just can’t Namaste with you


Dulling your shine to make someone else comfortable is never acceptable. Bid them adieu and make it rain love and light on yourself.


5. Om . . . it’s about time you went home


Need I say more? Peace out!

6. I’m just not down, dog


No means no and if you’re just not feeling it, nothing else needs to be said.

7. I’m looking for a strong cobra and yours is a little weak


Cobras are strong and decisive, and if you’re not getting that vibe, it’s time to move on.

8. Kali made me do it


Kali is the Hindu Goddess who removes the ego and liberates the soul from the cycle of birth and death. Kali is a badass and she takes no sh*t. By using this line to split with your beau, you’re not only channeling her fierce nature, but also practicing self-love and self-preservation.
The next time you find yourself face-to-face with someone who you’re delivering bad news to, think about the silver lining of the situation and be grateful you got the experience and the lesson. Love is a beautiful thing and you are worthy of the greatest love.

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Morgan Garza

Morgan is a free spirit, traveler of inner and outer worlds, and co-founder of Spirit Guides Magazine. Her background is in holistic health and wellness and Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy healing, and all things mystical. She feels deeply, thinks expansively, and writes to make you feel something, question everything, and make you smile.


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