Use a Lemon For These Household, Cooking, and Beauty Hacks

Johnny Jedi
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Ahhh lemons . . . the epitome of summer. Lemonade, lemonade stands, and lemon in your iced tea. These popular little fruits pack a big punch of citrusy sour, along with a healthy dose of vitamins.
But did you know? Lemons can be used in a myriad of ways beyond zesting up your favorite beverage.
Have a stain on your favorite shirt, or have a load of white laundry you want to brighten up without bleach? Use a lemon for that! Tired of your avocados and apples turning brown before you eat them? Use a lemon for that too! Need to strengthen your nails or get rid of blackheads? You guessed it . . . lemon to the rescue!
So when life gives you lemons . . . here are a variety of ways you can use them in your household cleaning, cooking, and beauty routine.

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