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Fav’ of the Week – Jevin Yoga Prop

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Every week we feature a new yoga centric item that we feel is exceptionally awesome and worthy of some YogiApproved praise. Whether it’s a functional product that helps improve your practice or stylish piece of clothing that helps improve your wardrobe, we’re all about spreading the word and introducing you to something fresh.

Here are 5 reasons why the Jevin Yoga Prop is our Fav’ of the Week:

1. Whether you are a new yogi with tight muscles or an experienced yogi that needs assistance in more advanced poses, this USA-made yoga tool assists you in attaining proper alignment in the body without compromising your joints and muscles.

2. There are six sizes that range from 8-18″ to suit all body sizes, levels of flexibility and pose types.

3. The supportive and lightweight prop has a flattened U-shape that provides more support and comfort than your average yoga strap. Say goodbye to yoga straps cutting into your hands.

4. The Jevin Yoga Prop requires you to apply your own resistance energy, encouraging your muscles and connective tissue to work together as a team. Now, that’s teamwork!

5. The Jevin Yoga Prop provides helps your muscles memorize proper alignment, which eliminates bad habits in your future practice. Check out the instruction guide to see how the Jevin can benefit your yoga practice.


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