9 Easy Ways to Save Money Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

Saving money is so easy . . . said no one ever. Sure – there are definitely people that know how to save money. But there are easy ways to save money that we can all put to practice and benefit from.

So often we hear advice on how to save money that takes all the fun out of life. I’m not telling you to stop doing the things you love – I’m just here to show you how to get creative and save money along the way.

Whether you are great at saving money or looking for ways to improve, anyone can incorporate these easy ways to save money into their daily lives. It won’t feel oppressing or require a lot of effort, but you’ll start to notice a difference in your spending – and account balance.

Here Are 9 Easy Ways to Save Money:

The best part about these ways to save money is they’re beneficial in other ways too (like saving the planet) and still allow you to enjoy life along the way.

1. Hit Up Happy Hour

I won’t tell you to stop going out. Life is meant to be lived! Still go out – but go to happy hour instead! You’ll enjoy the same food and drinks at half the price – and also get a gold star for being savvy.
Enjoy that second cup of coffee . . . that you brewed at home (Starbucks alone can kill a budget). Bring your own bottle of wine to dinner (many restaurants allow this or charge a nominal corking fee).

2. Get Your DIY On

There are so many things you can create yourself for a fraction of the cost, from DIY beauty and skincare products to cleaning supplies, homegoods, gifts and more. Take a birthday card for example – those run around $5 or more in stores! A handwritten card has more meaning anyway.
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3. Cut Down On Waste

This might sound miniscule or nitpicky but bear with me – these are the small things that add up to a lot. How many paper towels do you really need to wipe the counter? Or can you forego paper towels altogether and stick to dish towels instead? Reuse ziploc baggies when you can, or better yet store your goodies in reusable containers like mason jars.
Think about where else you can cut back on waste – stop leaving lights on and turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Turn the AC or heat down when you leave for work – all these things reduce waste and energy costs, and also help the environment (bonus!).

4. Cook at Home and Meal Prep

Nothing eats into your budget (pun intended) more than going out to eat all the time! Even if you just grab a quick $10 lunch three times a week, that’s still $30 a week and $120 a month.
Save your money by cooking at home as much as possible (the added bonus is you’re more likely to eat healthier at home) and meal prepping for your work week.


5. Trade Instead of Buy

In this industry, I know many yoga teachers, massage therapists, and other wellness experts that trade their services for other services. Want a private yoga session but also want to save money? What skills or expertise do you have to offer that you could potentially trade for what you’re wanting?

6. Sift Through Your Subscriptions

When’s the last time you took a serious look at your credit card statement? Just today, my mother told me she noticed a $44 charge on her account and it turns out she’d been on an auto-renew magazine gift subscription for years that she didn’t even know about.
Whether it’s magazines, cable TV, or those sneaky smaller monthly subscriptions that you might not notice right away, sift through what you still use and need, vs. what you can cancel to save some monthly doe.

7. Go to the ATM Less

One of my earliest methods of saving money? Never memorizing the pin number for my debit card. And it still rings true – removing the temptation goes a long way in saving money when you skip the late night pizza or impulse latte. Besides, ATMs have surprisingly steep withdrawal fees, so there’s a double benefit in hitting up the ATM less often.

8. Shop In Bulk

Whether it’s shopping at Costco for your grocery staples or getting a 3-month supply of your subscription from your doctor to skip the additional co-pay, shopping in bulk always feels like you’re spending more money (which you are upfront), but ultimately saves you big in the long run.

9. Get a Credit Card With Perks

Stop using your bank issued credit card that has little to know rewards and get one that has rewards toward the things you do the most. Do you like to travel? Get a card that give your points toward travel. I buy everything on my Southwest card and because of it, I fly for free every time I travel. That’s equal to over $1,000 a year in savings for me. Do you shop a lot on Amazon? Get a card that gives your points towards Amazon purchases. Drive a lot? Get a card that gives you a discount on gas. You get the point. Warning (and bonus tip #10): make sure you pay your credit card off in full every month to avoid any interest payments.

That’s How to Save Money and Still Enjoy Life

Saving money doesn’t have to hurt. It doesn’t have to change the way you live (within reason). Saving money doesn’t have to be the most oppressive thing you do. Taking these small yet intentional steps will help you get the most out of life – all while ballin’ on a budget.
Obviously in 9 tips I didn’t cover the full saving money spectrum. Do you have additional ideas or tips of your own to share with our community? Please do in the comments below – we love hearing from you, and I’d love to hear your clever ways to save money.

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