How Do You Yoga?

Roo Frith
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Yoga is for everyone! Young and old, short and tall, small and big alike can all experience the beauty and the magic of a yoga practice. Yoga doesn’t judge, it doesn’t critique, it doesn’t limit, restrain, or restrict. Yoga, in whatever form you practice it, offers something for everyone. So today, we’re bringing together some awesome Instagram yogis from around the world in a celebration of yoga for EVERYONE!
Yoga is for you!
No matter if your hair is grey…

Or if you don’t have any at all…

Whether you’re in your best shoes…

A photo posted by Changu (@changuchangezi) on

Your business attire…

…Or would rather wear nothing at all!

A photo posted by Lara-Lyn (@lara_lyn) on


If you yoga with friends…

A photo posted by rdk (@rdk_yoga) on

Or you on your own…

A photo posted by Kyle Siegel (@mtks_finest) on

Whether you’ve nailed that asana…

Or maybe you’re still learning…

Whatever your style, remember to celebrate it. Relish the diversity that is all around us, connect with your fellow yogis, and most of all, be proud of everything that makes you YOU. So – how do you yoga?? Share your photos, thoughts, and yoga love in the comments below. THEN GO DO SOME YOGA!

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Roo Frith

For Roo, yoga is her white dog - the only thing that will keep her depression at bay. Through her practice she has found courage, peace, and an energy that she thought at one point she would never feel again. Now, as her strength returns, Roo is determined to be reunited with her love of life, silliness, adventure, and creativity once more. Read more about her journey with mental illness, as well as following her travels, on her personal blog Hot Tea & Toast.

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