These Healthy Vending Machines Are Making Fresh Nutritious Foods Convenient (Is There One Near You?)

Reaching for cookies and chips for a quick snack is more convenient than it is satisfying and satiating.

But, when your stomach growls at work, a vending machine is one of the easiest options to grab a quick fix.

Easier isn’t always better, and many options found in typical vending machines contain excess sugar, fats, and carbohydrates that your body doesn’t need.

It’s in the back of everyone’s mind that they should be snacking on fruits or vegetables. But how can they do that without the option right at their fingertips?

The Wave of the Future: Healthy Snacks in Healthy Vending Machines

According to an academic article from the American Journal of Health Promotion simply replacing one soda that contains 10 teaspoons of sugar a day with water can save that consumer 150 calories per day, or 15 pounds a year.

This same article stated the demand for healthy vending machine products was increasing among consumers, according to the 2014 Automatic Merchandiser State of the Industry Report.

Well, the tables are beginning to turn (pun intended). All over the country, healthy vending machines are beginning to pop up in workplaces and public areas so people can have healthy eating on the go.

These healthy vending machines now provide consumers with fresh salads, acai bowls, and healthy snacks that can keep them away from their chip temptations.


Here Are 3 Companies Bringing You Healthy Snacks on the Go:

Companies like Fresh Bowl, Alpaca Market, and Byte foods keep their healthy vending machines filled with fresh, nourishing goodness.

1. Fresh Bowl

Fresh Bowl set up their first location at WeWork in downtown Manhattan, and offers fresh healthy snacks such as rainbow salads, parfaits, acai bowls, and matcha almond lattes.

According to their website, they are the first healthy and plastic-free vending machine. The food they provide is made from scratch daily. And everything is packaged in glass jars which can be returned for a $2 credit toward the next purchase.

2. Alpaca Market

Alpaca Market has locations all over Austin, TX and includes multiple allergen-free options in their healthy vending machines.

These machines have healthy snack options such as lavender honey chicken salad, southwest bowls, paleo granola, and hummus. Everything is freshly made, and a portion of all of the proceeds goes back to those in need.

3. Byte Foods

Byte foods is another healthy vending machine company based out of San Francisco. According to their website, their machines learn buying patterns so deliveries are more efficient.

This brand combines products such as Blue Bottle Coffee, Chef’d Dinner Kits, and GTS Living Foods and puts it all in one convenient place.

Healthy Snacks Offer More Benefits Than You Might Think

Providing healthy snack options like this to people across the nation not only benefits their health, but it can increase work productivity as well.

According to the Harvard Business Review, the healthier you eat, the better you will perform. This is because the food you eat affects cognitive performance.

The article states that foods such as soda, cereal, and pasta release glucose quickly which leads to a quick burst of energy but then that all-too-familiar crash afterward. High fat foods like burgers release energy slower, but reduce oxygen levels in the brain.

Snacking on fruits and vegetables is better for the mind and body, especially because they aid in the production of dopamine, which plays a strong role in motivation and engagement.


The Takeaway on Healthy Vending Machines

While those chips and cookies are a cheap snack and a quick fix, those naughty indulgences won’t help you in the long run.

Snacking on fruits and vegetables leaves you feeling more energized and motivated, and is better for your health overall.

These new healthy vending machines are paving the way for change, not just in the workplace but in everyone’s food habits.

Need more healthy snacks on the go? Here are 5 No-BS Healthy Protein Bars You Need In Your Yoga Bag

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