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The Struggle Is Real: Watch This Hilarious Video On the Adventures of Trying to Eat Healthy

Cidney Bachert
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Eating healthy is something everyone should strive for . . . but that doesn’t mean it’s easy!! If you’ve ever tried to make the noble effort of sticking to your healthy eating habits while going out to eat with friends, you understand the struggle.
Raise your hand if you’ve tried to be the ‘healthy one’ ordering a salad while everyone else gets the burger and fries. We all have that one friend who just doesn’t get what being a vegetarian means. Or what healthy eating encompasses (or the reason we do it!).
Let’s be real. In a world where free range and cage free are a serious concern and GMOs, preservatives, additives and pesticides are threatening the health and quality of our food, it’s important to know what we’re putting into our bodies.
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Food should be viewed as fuel for our bodies to live a healthy, long life. Yet no matter how hard you’ve been committed to healthy eating, sweet treats and savory indulgences are around every corner.
Maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging, especially with our busy schedules and social outings, and not falling victim to cravings is a personal victory. It’s tough to say no to those salty French fries, and say yes to a side salad!
The creative minds at BuzzFeed launched this hilarious video that depicts our healthy eating struggle. Enjoy this funny take on the world of eating healthy and the struggles that come with snacking on pistachios and ordering that salad.

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Cidney Bachert

Cidney is currently pursuing her journalism degree at the University of Central Florida. She enjoys yoga, cooking and exploring new places. Cidney hopes to encourage others to see the light in life and enjoy the gifts the earth has to give. Eventually, she would like to get her yoga teaching certification and become a holistic health coach.

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