25 Influential Women in Wellness to Watch in 2018

Maya Angelou, Louise Hay, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama. These are just a few of the many strong women in recent times to make big waves and monumental shifts in society.
Yet beyond the global spectrum of fame, there are countless women making a huge impact on other women and society as a whole – women who inspire, who create change, who stand firmly in their beliefs and who go against the societal norm to help our world continue to evolve.
Wellness is one area where powerful women are rising up and instigating a massive shift in the way we view self-care, health, and living a mindful, healthy and WOKE life. Wellness includes yoga, meditation and mindfulness, fitness, conscious eating, self-care, and intentional living.
The women on this list are entrepreneurs, influencers, role models, teachers, and advocates for healthy, positive living. They are women who have the courage, the capacity, and the gusto to trailblaze, redefine, and instigate positive change.

Here are 25 Badass, Influential Women in Wellness:

In no particular order, here are 25 women who are slaying the wellness game with big things in store for 2018.


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