Here are 5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Without Hitting the Gym

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When we want to increase metabolism, we tend to imagine exhausting workouts and long, tiresome cardio trainings. But there are more ways we can speed it up . . . without breaking a sweat!

Working out is a tried and true method of burning calories and boosting metabolism, but it’s not always possible for us to get to the gym. So when you’re not able to hit the gym, or when you want to try something else, consider the five metabolism boosting tips below.

Increase Metabolism With These 5 Simple Tips

We can be busy and still do so much to help our bodies feel lighter and more energetic, and increase metabolism. Here are five simple ways to give it a boost when you don’t have time to hit the gym.

1. Drink More Water

A study was conducted in order to show the effects of consuming more water on a regular basis. The conclusion from the research clearly showed that increasing the amount of water in our daily diet can increase metabolism.
Adding just two more cups (or half a liter) of water to our diet can increase your metabolism up to 30%. The study showed that drinking water increases sympathetic nerve traffic which in turn increases metabolism.

2. Take Cold Showers

Cold showers – some people love them and others aren’t so fond, but taking regular cold showers has wonderful health benefits – including boosting your metabolism. How?
Your body works hard (which means expending energy – or calories) to maintain its internal temperature, so a large portion of the calories you burn goes to maintaining your body temp. That’s why taking cold showers could increase metabolism by burning more fat cells in order to restore our thermal balance.


3. Eat Iron-Rich Foods

Iron is an extremely important element, especially for women. This precious element assists with one very important body process: the transportation of oxygen to the muscle tissues. Inadequate oxygen supply can impair our muscles’ ability to transform fat into energy, meaning the metabolism slows down.
Consuming plenty of iron-rich foods like leafy greens (especially spinach), seafood, algae (like chlorella and spirulina), beans, peas, seeds, lean red meat, etc. is vital for keeping our metabolism in tip-top shape.

4. Eat More Fiber

New research shows that you can increase metabolism by increasing the amount of fiber and whole grain foods in your diet. Increased fiber also significantly improves your blood sugar levels.
Eating the recommended quantities of both water-soluble and insoluble fiber for the day (about 1 ½ tablespoon or 25 grams) can boost the metabolic process up to 30%.

5. Release Daily Stress

The connection between our metabolism and stress boils down to this: what happens to our body’s chemistry when we are under pressure? Our bodies’ defense mechanisms kick in and produce the “stress hormones” cortisol and adrenaline. These chemicals prepare the system for fight or flight and suppress other processes – like the immune response, digestion, and glucose absorption.
If the secretion of these hormones becomes habitual on a daily basis, our gastrointestinal tract can be severely impaired leading to improper digestion and obesity. Dealing with daily stress with relaxation techniques like meditation, spa treatments, and conscious breathing techniques can significantly reduce stress and in turn may increase metabolism.

Tips to Increase Metabolism: The Takeaway

While we can’t always make it to the gym, we can always find time for simple self-care like the tips listed about. Remember the 80/20 rule when adopting these habits: it takes only 20% of the effort to achieve 80% of the result.
Choose the strategies you resonate with and start implementing them. Experiment and adjust according to your lifestyle and preferences. We are all different and our bodies have different needs, so honor where you’re at and make healthy choices based on self-care.

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