Yoga Saved My Life – How I Found My Life Purpose in YTT

Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? What would happen if you not only found your purpose, but then discovered how to successfully incorporate it into your everyday life?

Just like many of you, I have asked myself these same questions. Then one day, it hit me . . . living a full life is the purpose.

We must be willing to risk it all and take each day for what it is in order to be true to our path. If you want to change the world, you need to start with yourself.

For the past couple of years, I haven’t felt like I was doing myself justice. I was too talented to work at a dead-end job that was unfulfilling. I was grateful to have a job that was paying the bills, but I knew I was selling myself short.

Sound familiar?

I’ve always known I wanted to help others, but I continuously lived in fear of speaking my truth.

After years of feeling uncertain, personally and professionally, I left an unfulfilling job and surrendered completely. I learned that being comfortable with myself and striving to do better was important for my well-being.

No one can fulfill you and make you happy except you.

After four years of on and off yoga practice, I decided to take more yoga classes at my local studio. I dove in deep and really immersed myself in the practice and lifestyle.

I learned that yoga is about taking the time to learn what makes your soul happy. Once you begin to consciously breathe and do something for yourself, you realize how great you feel.

Even the simple act of breathing feels magical, and you want to share this experience with everyone around you. That’s when I knew that through yoga, I had found my purpose. In this moment, I realized that I was ready to complete my yoga teacher training (YTT).

During my YTT, the new ways of thinking, eating and living were enlightening. My teacher training program was life changing. YTT taught me how to better myself so I can help better others.

Now, I am back on Long Island teaching FitYoga. I’m giving and sharing my light and grace so others can have the courage to do the same.


Let Yoga Help You Find Your Life Purpose

It takes courage to take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams and find your purpose, but if you have people – in my case amazing family and friends – who support you wholeheartedly, it’s more than a leap . . . it’s going in the direction you’re supposed to go.

Stop for a minute and ask yourself if you’re doing yourself justice in all aspects of your life. Pursue your passions! If you feel called to travel and do a two-week retreat or YTT, do it!

If you feel stuck or don’t feel like you are living your truth, have the courage to do what you feel is calling to you. You need to understand and accept that you are capable and worthy of all the desires in your heart.

We are always going to be called to make changes in our life on the regular, so take it one day at a time. We are all worthy and deserving of all things wonderful. Allow yourself to love, care and give without condition, reason or expectation. Allow yourself to be hopeful and honor the divinity within you.


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Jacqlyn Grace Melita

Jacqlyn is an international 200hr FitYoga teacher. She holds a Reiki Level 1 certification, swears by meditation and hopes to inspire others with her light to see their own grace and live their passions. She hopes to spread awareness about wellness and the vegan lifestyle. She is obsessed with her pitbull Saber and all things turquoise.

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