The Power of Numbers – Here’s Everything You Want to Know About Numerology

Have you ever had a moment when you realize that whatever is happening must have a deeper meaning? Something has to give, right? It’s almost like an awakening – you want to make changes, but are unsure of how take the first step. Well, Numerology may be exactly what you need! Before we begin, let’s get acquainted with the ancient practice of Numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is all about your divine self and your unique place in this world. It’s like a map of your existence from the moment you were born to right this second. It gives you insight into how your life functions. With Numerology, you get a glimpse into areas of your life that are exceptional, or areas that may need improvement.
When a numerologist reads your chart, it can help you understand traits about yourself, or what your life purpose is. Your potential and talents are highlighted along with your ambitions. Numerology is like a compass that steers you. It shows you how to adjust your sails and start down your path of self-actualization.

Numerology is a tool that sheds light on your personality, motivations, and overall development.

Numerology is the science of numbers, and how they are connected to different aspects of your life. The numbers range from 1-9 and 11 and 22 are “master numbers.” The numbers correspond to positive and negative traits about your character.
Each number depicts an archetype that you portray. An archetype is universal – it could be a character, symbol, or theme. If you are interested in further information about archetypes, Caroline Myss’ book Sacred Contracts is a great introduction to this topic.

Where Did Numerology Originate?

One of the first recognized systems of Numerology was discovered by Pythagoras of Ancient Greece. However, Numerology is also linked to the ancient civilizations of India, China, and Judaism. Pythagoras was regarded as an esoteric mathematician and a mystic. He believed that numbers were symbolic and that they held a hidden meaning related to one’s psyche.
Pythagoras studied with the Ancient Gurus of India and Jewish mystics. By going to the East, he acquired the knowledge and insight for Numerology. He believed numbers had an influence on one’s life, and and that everything represented a cycle. The Pythagorean system is used today as it incorporates our modern day alphabet along with Western philosophy, astronomy, and physics.

How Does Numerology Work?

Numerology provides guidance similar to Astrology as it creates a blueprint for your life, destiny, and fate. Numerology helps you understand the world around you through the influence of numbers, and analyzes your strengths and weaknesses. It gives insight into your core personality traits, the person you are, or who you will become.
When you find your Life Path number, you will see which career, relationship, or life events are of great significance to you. Once you know your Life Path number, it allows you to see areas in your life that may need fine tuning or to make changes that you have been avoiding. You may be more perceptive about choosing your next career or relationship. It’s a methodology that garners awareness about your authentic self and direction.

The Significance and Meaning Behind Each Number

Numbers 1-9 (all of the single digits) are the foundation of Numerology, so it’s important to get a basic understanding of each number’s meaning and specific characteristics before you dive any further. Here’s a quick breakdown of each number and its main characteristics:
1. Autonomous leader, progressive, courageous, and also prone to stubbornness and can at times be selfish or lacking discipline
2. Loving peacemakers, sensitive, intuitive, and diplomatic but also prone to discontentment or carelessness
3. Inspiring, talented, optimistic, and creative, but prone to intolerance, hypocrisy, and impatience
4. Reliable and hardworking, and extremely trustworthy, but prone to a lack of imagination and empathy
5. Adventurous, curious, daring, and courageous, but prone to instability and carelessness
6. Very compassionate, fair, and protective, but prone to anxiety, worry, and jealousy
7. Intelligent, intuitive, spiritual, and refined, but prone to sarcasm, melancholy, and cowardice
8. Powerful and balanced, authoritative, and successful, but prone to insensitivity, greed, and, at times, cruelty
9. Helpful, generous, sophisticated, and self-sufficient, but prone to discontentment, arrogance, and self-pity


The Life Path Number

The “Life Path” number is the first piece of information you’ll need to decipher in order to understand your sacred quest. The Life Path number identifies the skills, abilities, and motivations in your life. It highlights the positive aspects of life or any obstacles that you may encounter.
Your name and the day and time you were born all hold a significant energy and give meaning to your life path. Numerology is a tool that sheds light on your personality, motivations, and overall development. All things add up, and the frequency of numbers are an expression of who you are.
If you’re interested in learning more about your own life path, read How to Use Numerology to Find Your Life Purpose
Here is an example using my birth numbers:
My birthday is July 3, 1981 (7-3-1981). Let’s see what Numerology has to say about that.

  1. Add the numbers 7 (month)+3(day)+1+9+8+1(year)= 29 (sum of numbers)
  2. Break down 29 to 2+9=11
  3. Add the remaining numbers to reduce to a single digit 1+1=2

My life path number is 2, and my master number is 11. The archetype for the number 2 is “mother,” and the archetype for the number 11 is “energetic visionary.”
After reviewing my numbers I can tell you that I have always been a mother figure and a nurturer at heart. The number 2 energy has a strong influence on my life. The number 2 is seen as a feminine number.
The number 11 is an intuitive number, which I resonate with deeply. You really start to understand yourself more when you break down the numbers to understand the significance behind them. I can tell you that with every decision I make, I must follow my heart. My motivations are amplified when I’m creative and living my passions.

Ok, So What Do These Numbers Mean?

Numbers carry an energy in relation to your date of birth. The Life Path number is used to uncover divine information about your life. It’s symbolic and can give you insight into your decision making, choices, and individual patterns. If you are in need of clarity in your life, numerology may be just the avenue to pursue!
With Numerology, you are going within layers of yourself to see whether you are living the life of your dreams, or if you can be directed that way. Remember: meditation is the gateway to the answers you are seeking. It can transform your life and bring clarity. Reflect on the inner calm daily, and see where life takes you.
Looking for more ways to cultivate calm in your life? Here is an article that can assist in adding stillness to your life!

Final Thoughts on Numerology

Always know you have the answers inside you, and use Numerology as to guide you to your potential. Believe in yourself, be a voice and work your inner light!! You are like an alchemist able to create the life of your dreams. Follow the signs, learn from experience and know you are extraordinary.

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How To Use Numerology to Find Your Life’s Purpose
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