Create Space With These 4 Yoga Practices to Connect More With Your Ether (Space) Element

Are you in tune with your space element? Do you ever feel like you can’t connect to your breath? Or like you don’t have the time or energy to take on another task or to let another loved one into your life? Do you feel detached from all that life offers?

If so, you could be out of touch with your space element. The space element doesn’t have to feel like a void. It can, instead, be an openness that invites beautiful things into your life.

Also referred to as the ether element, the space element is the place where everything happens. It’s the space that allows for time, love, energy, and forces. Because ether is empty space, the space element is known as the element that all other elements fill.

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Enter the Space, or Ether, Element

Because the space element is empty and filled by the other elements, it is often cold because the fire element is lacking, dry without the water element, still without the mobility of the air element, and light without the heaviness of the earth element.

It is considered to be ever-present and ubiquitous because it fills the space between all other elements.

Associated with the Throat Chakra, a balanced space element allows you to communicate openly and freely, fully express yourself, and feel connected with the world around you. When out of balance, the space element may make you feel alone, empty, withdrawn, or lacking.

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In order to stimulate and balance the ether element within us, we can of course practice yoga poses that activate the Throat Chakra, but we can also move to more internal practices like meditation, pranayama, and mantra to both open and fill unseen space within us.

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Use These 4 Yoga Practices to Connect to the Space Element Within:

Explore and experience the space element within you by incorporating the following practices into your flows.

1. Seated Meditation

seated meditation

By sitting in a quiet seat and creating space in your mind, you can strongly connect with the ether element.

How to practice:

  • Start seated in any comfortable position
  • Close your eyes or soften your gaze and draw your attention inward
  • Observe the fluctuations of your breath
  • Bring your awareness to the movements within your mind
  • Without force and without resistance, slowly start to create a void of thoughts in your head
  • Observe the empty space and sit within that space
  • Connect to the stillness within

Pro tip: When thoughts arise (and they will), simply tell them “not now” and return to the empty space.

2. Fish Pose

fish pose

Fish Pose opens and stimulates the Throat Chakra, and also creates space around the heart.

How to practice:

  • Start lying down on your back with your legs extended forward in front of you
  • Slide your hands underneath your seat with your palms facing down
  • Squeeze your legs in toward the midline of your body and root them down into the floor
  • Press down against your hands and lift your head and chest off the floor to rise up onto your forearms
  • Hug your shoulder blades toward each other and expand your chest toward your toes and up toward the sky
  • Gently release the crown of your head to a prop or the floor behind you and puff your chest back up toward the sky
  • Hold for a few deep breaths leaning into the newfound space in your heart and throat before tucking your chin to your chest and slowly releasing down

For a deeper connection to your Throat Chakra: Quietly hum in this position to stimulate your vocal cords in this spacious shape.

3. Savasana


Corpse Pose is the ultimate practice to connect with the ether element. It creates a void in movement and illuminates any newfound space that you may have created after an asana practice.

How to practice:

  • Lay down on your back with your legs extended out long
  • Walk you feet out about as wide as your mat and relax your legs completely
  • Release your arms by your sides and turn your palms to face up toward the sky as a symbol of surrender and openness
  • Soften the weight of your full body into the floor
  • Close your eyes and surrender to the emptiness behind your eyelids
  • Relax here for about five to 10 minutes

For a deeper connection: Surrender into the spacious void of your Savasana by practicing deep Pranayama or subtle meditation in the pose.


4. Om Mantra Chanting

om chanting

Not only does chanting actively stimulate the Throat Chakra, but the mantra “om” is believed to be the primordial sound of the universe. This specific mantra is said to fill all space within and around us and to be the constant buzzing hum of all life everywhere.

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How to practice:

  • Either start seated in any comfortable position or lying down in Savasana
  • Draw a full breath in through your nose
  • As you exhale, open your mouth and release the sound of “om”
  • Separate the vibrations of the sound into three distinct parts: the “ahh,” “oooh,” and “mmm”
  • Feel the vibrations of that sound resonate through your Throat Chakra and across your whole body and being
  • Repeat eight times
  • Pause and sit with the aftermath of the vibrations

For a deeper connection: Close your eyes and visualize the entire universe (including yourself) encompassed by this sound. Perhaps create a mudra with your hands to create an energetic seal around your space.

Take the Space Element Off Your Mat and Into Your Day!

When properly balanced, the ether element makes you more accepting, flexible, balanced, and open-minded. Because it allows for space when balanced, you’re more receptive to opportunities, better able to “hold space,” and to fill that space with loving kindness.

Connect with your ether element by opening yourself up to the infinite possibilities of life. Be ready for whatever life throws your way and accept it as it comes without resistance.

Tune in with your breath as you fill space within you with each inhale and then create a void with each exhale. And try not to attach to any point in the cycle. Be like space and allow for filling and for void.

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