Cutting Edge Technology in Your Activewear? Yes, This Is a Thing

JoAnn DeLeau
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In our modern age of technology, our smart devices continue to gain intelligence . . . but what about our activewear? When most people think about “smart” clothing, they probably visualize an Iron Man suit, or maybe the movie The Tuxedo, but how many of us have heard about intelligent activewear?
Sure, there are many intelligent designs out there – yoga clothing brands that get it right every time with the perfect built-in bra, hidden pocket, or stylish cut. But is there really “smart activewear” on the market, and if so, say what?!?

Here are 3 “smart” activewear options you thought only existed in your mid-workout fantasies:


Alignment Pants

Alignment Pants are an idea brought to us by Wearable Experiments. These stylish leggings have a built-in network of sensors designed to check your alignment in some of the most common yoga poses, including all the warriors and pigeon pose.
The idea is that the sensors will check the alignment of your hips and legs, giving different vibrations to help you correct your form, until giving a final “om” vibration when you’ve settled into the correct alignment. Who knew your yoga pants could also be your yoga teacher?!

OmSignal Bra

The OmSignal Bra functions a lot like a fitbit, monitoring heart rate, calculating stamina and more. The smart bra comes with it’s own app that integrates with Apple health and other popular fitness apps to report your readings to you during/after every workout. It’s perfect for a person looking for a real-time fitness data tracker without having to wear something more than they normally would.



Just In Case Self-Defense Bra

One of the worst things about going out to exercise is the limit on what we can carry with us. We leave behind our phones, wallets, keys, and important self-defense items like pepper spray. Booby Trap Bras created the Just In Case Bra – a sleek sports bra with a special built-in pocket to hold your pepper spray. The pocket is designed to be discreet, so unless someone is reaaallly looking, your secret pepper spray should remain just that: a secret.
From optimizing your fitness to personal safety, forward thinking brands are releasing interesting and exciting activewear creations. These are only a few examples from an ever-increasing range of high-tech, multi-purpose activewear. So the next time you’re on the market for a fresh new look, why not consider an option that’s cute and functional, but will also fill a gap that your other activewear can’t!

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JoAnn DeLeau

JoAnn is a new yogi and a beginning freelance writer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys long mountain hikes in the summer and curling up on the couch with a Jane Austen novel and moscato.

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