Power Vinyasa

With Alba Avella
Intermediate Level | Yoga | Individual Class |

Power Vinyasa

This class is 40 Minutes

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This 40-Minute Power Vinyasa class will light up your core, balance your mind, and give you an overall great workout. Join Alba for a unique flow filled with mindful, fluid movements designed to quiet the mind and target all those little muscles you didn’t know you had. Enjoy!


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About the Instructor

Alba is a mover in every sense of the word, never limiting her movement to one expression. She has taught all over the world including Paris, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the US. She believes in the power of movement to heal, strengthen, and empower us from the inside out.

40 min

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa with Alba Avella
40 min

40-Minute Power Vinyasa class to light up your core, balance your mind.

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