With Ashton August
Intermediate Level | Yoga | Individual Class |


This class is 44 minutes

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Self-growth and manifestation author Ashton August brings you this unique Manifestation Flow. Throughout your yoga practice, Ashton will weave in elements of manifestation. From unpacking what it is, how it works and how we can apply it to our lives, you will actively manifest that which you seek to bring into your life as you move through this dynamic yoga flow. Get ready to create your reality, one breath at a time on the mat!


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About the Instructor

Ashton August is the co-founder of She is also an author and a passionate yoga instructor. As a teacher, Ashton is best known for her accessible and approachable demeanor. Her classes are fun, creative, and uplifting. Ashton is serious about sharing her knowledge and passion for the practice with each and every one of her students. Forming a sense of support and community in each of her classes is her main focus. Join her on the mat!

5 min


Manifest with Ashton August
5 min

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44 min

Manifestation Flow

Manifest with Ashton August
44 min

Actively manifest that which you seek to bring into your life as you move through this dynamic yoga flow.

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