Flexibility Flow

With Chelsea Ortega
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Flexibility Flow

This class is 30 minutes

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When we spend time sitting at a desk or traveling, our bodies can get tense, tight, and sore. Reverse these effects and restore your body back to a feel-good, neutral state with this easy breezy class that focuses on stretches and poses that lengthen, open and increase flexibility in your body. You can do this class at home or in your hotel room. Revisit it any time you need to stretch and decompress. See you on the mat!

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About the Instructor

Chelsea is a passionate vinyasa, power and yin yoga instructor whose 14+ years of experience on the mat has been used to help students develop daily self-love practice and trust their intuition to create a life of pure authenticity, gratitude and joy.

5 min


Flexibility Flow with Chelsea Ortega
5 min

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30 min

Flexibility Flow

Flexibility Flow with Chelsea Ortega
30 min

This easy breezy class focuses on stretches and poses that lengthen, open and increase flexibility in your body.

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