This Could Be the Reason Why Your Chronic Inflammation Won’t Go Away

Have you ever dealt with a nagging injury before?

Maybe you sprained an ankle, and you kept trying to run on it. The pain continued, gently reminding you that something was wrong, but you tried to ignore it. You tried to push through.

Now, you have a cankle and you can’t wear your favorite boots, not to mention your next few yoga classes are on the back burner until you can hold Tree Pose again.

The nagging ankle injury didn’t heal because you continued to create inflammation at the site of injury. You were doing it to yourself!

This is self-induced, chronic inflammation. The fix is easy: Stop running on your ankle and let it heal!

But, what about the chronic inflammation that you just don’t know what to do with?

Let’s Dive Deep Into the World of Genes

Hang tight, because discussing this next topic can get a bit confusing, and scary! Are you ready?

Genes. No, not the ones you wear but the ones that make you who you are as a human being. Genes are extremely important in how your body handles chronic inflammation.

Going back to the triggers I discussed in my last article that cause inflammation, we have the following:

  • Alcohol
  • Food
  • Infections
  • Stress
  • Injuries
  • Environmental toxins
  • Genetics

Out of those seven triggers, you can control almost all of them, with the exception of environmental toxins and genetics.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you are doing everything in your will power to control all the triggers, but your inflammation will not go down. This is where your genes come into play! Your genes control what your body does, including getting rid of inflammation.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Inflammation (According to An Integrative Doctor)


What Genes Do

We have many, many different genes that perform important physiological functions allowing our bodies to function properly and keep us from dying at a very early age. For now, let’s keep it simple and keep the genes to only three. We will call them Genes A, B, and C.

Gene A instructs your body to get rid of toxins (alcohol, food, infections, and environmental toxins). However, Gene A doesn’t really do manual, hands on labor. A is the “thinker” of the bunch. So, how does A get the toxins out of your body? Gene A recruits Gene B.

“Hey B, I need some help! Come get rid of this junk that came into the body today,” demands A, with a drill sergeant’s tone.

Your genes control what your body does, including getting rid of inflammation.

Gene B, being the brave and strong gene, rushes in and quickly “catches” all your toxins and begins kicking them out the door (your body). Gene C is hanging out in the corner holding a Pigeon Pose, and notices the commotion occurring and offers a hand.

“Yo, B . . . looks like your hands are full and you are dropping some stuff. Need any help?”

“Hey C! I am glad you see I am having a tough time. Jump on in and help out,” Gene B exhaustedly exclaims.

So, B and C get to work, collecting (binding) the toxins, as Gene A is guiding them during the process. And, you live happily ever after . . . inflammation free!

Missing Genes Can Create Chronic Inflammation

What happens when there is no A, B, or C? You don’t have the guidance, or the hands, to get rid of toxins.

When you can’t get rid of toxins inflammation happens due to the damage the toxins inflict. And, if no one is there to get rid of the inflammation, you are chronically in a state of puffiness, pain, soreness, and irritability.

A, B, and C are the detoxification genes that allow your body to get rid of any substance that can cause damage to your body.

Without the ability to clear out the toxins, your body will not heal, and you will be in a perpetual state of inflammation.

Let’s Simplify That

Here is another example: Imagine, you live in New York City and everyone throws their trash onto the sidewalk each day, expecting the garbage man to pick it up. Except, the garbage man is on vacation for six months.

Would you want to live in an environment full of trash? I expect not!

You wouldn’t be able to walk down the sidewalk without smelling rancid, rotting food. Baby diapers would be blowing in the wind! Plastic containers full of leftovers would be spilling out onto your shoes as you tried to navigate the mine fields full of toxic explosions that were waiting to be stepped on.

Quite simply, a toxic environment would be, well . . . TOXIC.

You see, triggers (trash) will create inflammation and your body’s job (much like the garbage man) is to come by and pick up (bind) the trash and carry it away. If not, your insides will resemble that polluted New York City street.


Chronically Sick Patients Have Inflammation, Always

The common denominator I find in chronically sick patients is their inability to detoxify the trash. Their bodies become toxic due to the triggers we discussed above, and they don’t heal as a result.

Instead, these patients lay around, sometimes unable to work, due to the pain and suffering they experience on a daily basis. Their joints swell up to the point where they feel like they took FIVE back-to-back CrossFit classes, without any rest or recovery!

These patients’ minds are so foggy, they have a hard time remembering appointments, phone numbers, and where they placed their dang keys.

The answer, for many, lies within their genes. There are 17 genes that play a role in detoxification and inflammation, that when altered, will not allow the body to function as it is intended.

Are You A “Slow Excreter?”

Allow me to explain . . .

If one, or multiple, inflammatory/detoxification genes are altered, you will not be able to calm inflammation down. Essentially, your “off” switch for the inflammation is broken.

If some of the detoxification genes are altered, then you will have a VERY difficult time getting rid of toxins, which can contribute to more inflammation.

I call these patients, “slow excreters.” My wife is one of them. Toxins and inflammation are slow to lower in the body, causing major frustrations when you are trying to heal.

Don’t despair! There is help: What You Need to Know About Inflammation and How Yoga Can Help

Test Your Genes to Find Out the Answer

How can you know if your genes are leading you astray? Test for the mutations.

Thanks to marketing, many people have heard of companies such as 23andme and These companies market their services by telling you they will use your DNA to trace your family lineage – which is true! But, you can do a lot more with your DNA data than trace who your great, great grandfather was related to.

You can literally begin answering the most difficult medical question of all time: Why is this happening to my body?!

This “new” world of genetic medicine has the ability to change many lives.

I highly recommend you consult with a medical professional that is experienced with analyzing genetic data. Take a look at my favorite genetic testing company:

This “new” world of genetic medicine has the ability to change many lives, without the harmful side effects of medications and surgery. You just need the right answers!

If You Have Chronic Inflammation, Practice These 5 Naturally Anti-Inflammatory Yoga Poses


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All included information is not intended to treat or diagnose. The views expressed are those of the author and should be attributed solely to the author. For medical questions, please consult your healthcare provider.

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Everything You Need to Know About Chronic Inflammation (According to an Integrative Doctor)
Chronic inflammation can be debilitating. This integrative doctor explains exactly what it is and what you can do about it to find the root causes.
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Dr. Corey King

Dr. Corey King, D.C., B.C.I.M. is a chiropractor and Board Certified Integrative Medicine specialist. After 12 years treating patients at his medicine and neurological practice in Southern California, he now works remotely with patients domestically and internationally. Dr. King has helped hundreds of patients find solutions for dealing with their autoimmune conditions. Visit his website for a free consultation.

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