Learn How to Practice Yoga on a Balance Board With this Video Tutorial

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A balance board has an unstable base that activates the stabilizing muscles in your body when you’re exercising or doing yoga on it. Your body has to stabilize itself on the board, which activates your core and strengthens all the stabilizing muscles in the body.

Balance boards are a great way to boost your existing workout routine or yoga practice, which is why they’re becoming such a popular fitness prop!
In addition, SUPYoga (StandUp Paddleboard Yoga) fans are loving balance boards for off-season and dryland SUP training.

On a balance board, your body has to work hard to stabilize itself, which activates your core and strengthens all the stabilizing muscles in the body.

There are so many ways to use and enjoy a balance board, along with so many benefits such as increased strength, balance, stability, and mental focus. Plus they’re a lot of fun!

Benefits of Using a Balance Board For Yoga

Practicing yoga on a balance board is much harder than practicing yoga on a yoga mat. While this may seem obvious, it’s not until you’ve experienced yoga on a balance board for yourself that you’ll truly understand the unique challenge.
Yoga by itself cultivates focus, mindfulness, mind-body connection, and full body strength. Multiply that all by 100, and you get yoga on a balance board! Prepare to tone full body, strengthen all the stabilizing muscles in your body, and find a new level of strength and control in your yoga practice.
Finally, as the name entails, you will cultivate and increase your ability to balance. This will help you immensely in balancing poses, as well as poses that require a lot of strength, muscle activation, and/or control.
If you’re new to using a balance board, then this tutorial is for you! And if you’re already using and loving your balance board, you can still gain valuable tips and guidance from this tutorial video. Let’s get started!

Balance Board Yoga Tutorial For Beginners

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In this tutorial, we are featuring the Yogaboard Balance Board, created by German company Strobel & Walter and distributed in the US by yoga brand Kulae.
You can get one of these YogaBoards for yourself here.
We love practicing with this board because of its curved underside – great for a challenging practice but also safe to use for any level. Made from beech wood with a laminated veneer finish, this high-quality balance board is gorgeous, eco-friendly, and built to last.


Final Details to Note About the Balance Board Yoga Practice

Take your balance board yoga practice slow and start where you are. Keep coming back to this video! Note your progress along the way, and have fun with it!
This tutorial video is a great place to start so you can get comfortable finding your balance, learn how to activate your stabilizing muscles, and find a stronger mind-body connection. You have so much to gain from this revolutionary way to practice yoga.
We always love hearing from you, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about this practice. Namaste!

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