This Week’s Astrology Horoscope: Uranus Is Ushering In Massive Change – Here’s What It Means for You

Ely Bakouche
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Astrology is the science of the stars and the cosmos. Astrologers study how they move, relate to each other and their cycles. Through understanding the planets, we hope to find meaning, based on the assumption that planets influence our lives on Earth.
Therefore, as you turn to astrology, you make this incredible science a wonderful tool to understand who you are, how you relate to others and the world around you. Astrology is then a way to study the self and become more self-aware.
To begin your journey of self-discovery through astrology, you can start by looking at your birth chart.
On May 15, a rare planetary shift involving Uranus and the Taurus phase is happening.

What is Uranus Known For?

Each planet is known for having a specific influence on us. Uranus is known as “the rebel, the revolutionary, and the great awakener” of our solar system, and is associated with innovation, invention, and genius.

Uranus brings sudden changes, ‘aha’ moments, out-of-the-blue realizations.

Uranus is an ‘outer planet,’ meaning you cannot see it with the naked eye and it takes a long time to complete a cycle. Unlike the Sun, which moves every month to a different sign and whose cycle lasts a year, Uranus’s cycle lasts about 84 years.
Why does this matter?
Because for the past 84 years, Uranus has been in Aries, and is now moving into a new zodiac sign. Quite a big change for this week’s astrology horoscope! Because of its intense effect, our worlds are about to be shaken up.
Uranus brings sudden changes, ‘aha’ moments, out-of-the-blue realizations and takes you right out of your comfort zone to bring liberation and, as its names indicate, great awakening.

What is the Taurus Zodiac Sign All About?

The zodiac sign Taurus is often associated with money, creative arts and stability. Its element is earth. It is also associated with abundant, fertile and creative life, and its ruler planet is Venus.
This sign is linked to awakening because its season is Spring and it represents steadiness and stability. If Taurus is your Sun sign, chances are you are down-to-earth, loyal, a builder, known for your slow and steady productivity, and you tend to look for material and emotional security.

Your Astrology Horoscope: The Meaning of Uranus In the Taurus Phase

Can you already see how Uranus and Taurus are not made to work together?
If Uranus is the king of disorder, Taurus is the exact opposite! The shift we’re about to witness is bound to be mind-blowing and thought-provoking, both on collective and personal levels.
We’ll see changes in the way we perceive our stability and ability to lead abundant lives. We’ll probably expect more responsibility and integrity from the companies we buy from (qualities that evoke security), our interest for minimalism and desire to return to simple lives might grow stronger, along with our longing for purpose.
Uranus will bring surprises. You can expect radical changes in your life: are you stuck in a conflicted romantic relationship? A job you hate? Uranus might either throw you into utter chaos and upheaval or bring liberation and space – or both (the chaos is what often leads to liberation).
Finally, because Uranus represents innovation and genius, get ready to see ingenious ideas bloom, both in your mind and with your peers. If you get flashes of creativity, now’s the time to take note – and act!


How to Channel the Energy of This Planetary Shift In Your Own Life

What does this mean for you? While Uranus has generational effects, the way it shows up in your personal life is different from anyone else.

Here are 3 ways you can channel the energy of this big planetary change:

1. Look at your birth chart to see where Uranus is
If Uranus is in Capricorn (a sign associated with practicality), it might mean that you have a way to initiate change in an organized manner. If it’s in Leo, you’ll be the kind to want complete freedom and right to self-expression.
Knowing this will help you harness this energy and channel it in a way that can serve your current challenges.
2. Ask yourself where you’re willing to accept change in your life
Meditation and slow types of yoga (like Yin and Restorative) are great tools for getting present and tapping into your intuition to find the answer.
Already asking this now will make it somewhat easier for you to welcome revolutions and awakening. It will give you the confidence and knowledge to be prepared for whatever comes your way, since Uranus will bring some unexpected things.
3. Use the energy of the new moon
Uranus is moving in Taurus on the day of the next new moon, May 15th (at 7:47am EST). Whether you already perform rituals on new moons or you’re new to them, why not spend some time journaling specifically on your idea of stability, abundance, creativity and money?
Play mantra music, meditate to connect with yourself and let the ideas come to you. You can also write what you want for this new moon cycle, your intentions, focusing on being clear with how you want to feel stable and rooted, and how you want to express your creativity and attract abundance.
Want to learn more about new moon rituals? Then check out How to Manifest Your Dreams With a New Moon Ritual

The Astrology Horoscope Takeaway

Uranus changing zodiac signs will have a great impact on our lives and our relationship with how we view abundance, where we get our sense of security and freedom and how we create, build and design our world.
This will be visible both on a collective level – in our economy and politics – but also in our personal worlds. Keep an eye on your astrology horoscope and get ready for revolutions!

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