Annoying Coworkers? Get Focused and Calm Yourself With These 5 Mudras

Annoying coworkers . . . we’ve all had them at one time or another. They can take many forms, from chatting your ear off when you’re just trying to make deadlines to making that one noise you just can’t seem to tolerate.
It can truly feel like an uphill battle to remain calm in the midst of distractions from coworkers, but there’s hope! Certain mudras, or hand gestures, can come in especially handy to help you calm your mind, focus, and move beyond the distractions.
Mudras are hand gestures, often used in yoga, that connect your body to certain elements and states of mind. They can be used to calm and ground, like the ones in this article, or they can be used to energize, balance, and much, much more. These hand gestures help direct the flow of energy within your body to help you achieve a desired effect.
Want to learn more about mudras? Read Common Mudras, Their Meaning, and How to Practice Them.

Here Are 5 Mudras to Help You Stay Calm In Spite of Annoying Coworkers:

Take a deep breath, find a mudra, and get grounded. Any of these 5 mudras can help you stay calm and focused when you find yourself with a distracting coworker.

1. Gyan Mudra

Gyan Mudra connects you to the elements of space and air. It’s one of the most well-known mudras in yoga, and for good reason! This gesture creates a powerful connection to your peace of mind, and helps you improve concentration – perfect for the coworker that keeps interrupting or distracting you!
How to Practice Gyan Mudra:

  • Lightly touch the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pointer finger
  • Extend your other three fingers straight
  • Keep your palms facing up
  • Rest the backs of your hands on your desk or lap


2. Dhyana Mudra

Also referred to as a “Meditative Seal,” Dhyana Mudra connects you to all the elements: earth, air, fire, water, and space. This connection helps you to improve your concentration and find a grounded place of tranquility and inner peace – no matter what’s going on around you.
How to Practice Dhyana Mudra:

  • Rest your right palm inside your left palm, with your fingers facing opposite directions
  • Lightly touch your thumbs together to create a triangle shape
  • Traditionally this mudra is practiced hovering at your navel, but you can play with resting this mudra on your desk


3. Ganesha Mudra

Ganesha riding on his mouse in Hindu mythology represents a mastery of the mind, and this mudra helps you do exactly that! This mudra will help you regain your positivity and remove mental blocks, leaving you feeling clear-headed and ready to take on the day.
How to Practice Ganesha Mudra:

  • Bring your palms to touch in front of your heart with your right fingertips at your left wrist and your left fingertips at your right wrist
  • Slide your palms against one another so your fingertips lock with your right thumb down and your left thumb on top
  • Your elbows will stay out to the sides as you keep this mudra at heart center



4. Anjali Mudra

Another extremely common mudra in modern yoga, Anjali Mudra represents peace and gratitude. We often practice this mudra at the very close of each class, along with “Namaste.” This mudra reminds you that your annoying coworkers are still just people, worthy of compassion and respect just like you.
How to Practice Anjali Mudra:

  • Bring your palms to touch at heart center with all your fingertips facing the sky
  • Slightly spread your fingers apart from one another
  • Gently rest your thumbs against your chest, and try to feel for your heartbeat


5. Double Bird Mudra

Sometimes, when all else fails, you’ve just gotta let off some steam. “Double Bird Mudra” can help you do just that! Get it out and move on with your life. 😉
How to Practice Double Bird Mudra:

  • Get an attitude
  • Flip those middle fingers in the air like you just don’t care
  • Take a deep breath and ground yourself before moving on with your day


Next Time You’re Peeved, Remember These Calming Mudras!

When it comes to annoying coworkers, the most important thing to remember is that they’re human just like you. We’re all going through this life trying to get the best out of it and should honor one another.
But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to like or get along with every single person you cross paths with! It’s important to have these calming tools in your back pocket so you can stay grounded and focused on your own journey.
Good luck!

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