An Interview With Yogi Kathryn Budig

YA: I had the pleasure of attending one your yoga classes, and your teaching style is incredibly laid back, down to earth, and light-hearted. At one point, you said you wished you had personal yoga monkeys to help with adjustments, and that makes me smile even now. I was really stricken by the ease and grace through which you teach. Can you please shed some light on your teaching method: what inspires you, what your intentions are, what guides you along the way?
KB: I’ve been lucky to train with amazing teachers, and continue to do my best to try new classes and teachers whenever I get the opportunity. My students are my biggest inspiration, as I want to always give them my best. I try to keep my material fresh and interesting for them, but also for me. I have to be passionate about whatever I do, so I work hard to keep the passion alive.

YA: Your website,, is a sentiment to just how many things you’re juggling in your yoga career! What’s your advice to other yogi-preneurs for staying balanced, maintaining the vision, and making their goals a reality?
KB: Don’t be in a rush! I see people constantly kicking themselves up into 5th gear. Start where you’re planted and nurture yourself from there. Be a constant learner, always challenge yourself and stay humble. The best careers are rooted in experience, and only time can offer you that.

YA: In addition to the obvious yoga teaching, you are also a gifted writer. Can you please share a bit about your journey as a writer in finding your unique voice, sharing it with the world, and ultimately writing your first book?

KB: My first exploration into writing came from a place of needing an outlet. I had strong events happening in my life, and found writing about them incredibly cathartic. My readers responded well to the honesty, so in that way I found my voice: just be me. I would recommend that to anyone wanting to share a piece of themselves whether through writing or teaching.

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YA: Speaking of books, you’ve got your next book, Aim True, coming out soon! You mentioned it’s about your philosophies on teaching yoga and life in general. How did this book come into being, and can you share a bit more on what to expect, when it will be in stores, etc.?
KB: This baby has been brewing for a long time! I’ve been teaching about aiming true for years, and knew it was only a matter of time before I would put it down into writing. My original plan was to write another yoga book, but the publishers I met with kept asking about ‘aim true’ and what it meant to me. Before I knew it I had the green light to write an entire book on it.
I’ve broken the aim true philosophy down into 4 parts: loving your body, eating without fear, nourishing your spirit and discovering true balance. The book is available now for pre-order and releases March 29th.

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YA: You collaborated with Tiny Devotions, a yoga-inspired jewelry company, to create an Aim True Mala! Not only is it beautiful; it also gives back by donating 20% to your project, Poses For Paws. Can you tell us more about this awesome non-profit? What can fellow animal lovers do to help?
KB: I created Poses for Paws as a simple way to give back to animals in need through yoga. I fundraise through classes, events, retreats and products. We’re always picking new organizations we love to benefit from the funds and help build awareness. We have a Facebook page where the community connects, and I also encourage anyone to connect with me if they’d like to hold a Poses for Paws event in their area!

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YA: You share some downright mouthwatering recipes on your site. First off, thank you for that! Secondly, do you have a favorite recipe to share with the community?

KB: I’m writing this on a Tuesday, so I have tacos on the brain. I recently shared a walnut meat taco recipe that is pretty darn tasty. You can find it here.

YA: When we step onto the mat, we set an intention for our practice. What is an intention/mantra/quote/credo that you live by, that helps guide you throughout your days, your teaching, and your life in general?

“I intend not only to create and set powerful intentions everyday of my life, but I fully commit to living it instead of dreaming it.”

KB: It’s very simple – aim true, stay true. I intend not only to create and set powerful intentions everyday of my life, but I fully commit to living it instead of dreaming it.
Thank you so much again for taking the time do this interview, Kathryn! If you are interested in learning more about Kathryn, visit her website or follow her on Instagram. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Get To Know a Yogi interview, exclusively on

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