An Incredible Story of the Unconditional Love of Man’s Best Friend (Video)

Johnny Jedi
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Love heals all wounds… and also inflicts the deepest. Have you felt unconditional love? Have you had the gift of receiving it? Have you felt the inconceivable pain of losing it?
It was unexpected love at first sight when Ben first met Denali at an animal shelter in Portland, Oregon. Ben went to the shelter with his then girlfriend with no intention of bringing home a dog. Like most great things in life, it was meant to be. Ben and Denali were meant for each other. Ben and his girlfriend? Not so much. When they broke up, Ben and Denali packed their things into a Subaru wagon and left Portland to begin living as free-spirited nomads in the high deserts of Bend, OR. It was a life full of adventure, freedom, and joy. The two were inseparable.
In 2004 Ben was diagnosed with stage 3+ colorectal cancer. Denali would not leave his side. While in the hospital the nurses would allow Denali in the room. He would jump on the bed and gently lie down next to Ben. He played a big role in Ben’s recovery. After some time, the two continued on with their adventures traveling the country; Ben as an adventure photographer and Denali as his assistant and sometimes model, making the cover of multiple adventure magazines.
In early 2014, Denali himself endured cancer at 14 1/2 years old. Ben promised to never let him suffer. Denali was starting to weaken significantly. Ben asked Denali if he could stick around for one more month. And exactly one month later, at midnight on the eve on January 31st, Denali developed a bad cough. Ben and Denali played on the beach the next day, and the following morning he let Ben know – it was time to go.
This beautiful video, told through the voice of Denali gives us a fresh perspective of the unconditional love that a dog shares with it’s owner. Denali was by Ben’s side through his most difficult times. Ben returned that favor.
This video was made to celebrate Denali’s life and to share the incredible journey and gift that comes with owning a dog.

“When someone you love walks through the door, even if it happens five times a day, you should go totally insane with joy.”

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