Meet ALEX – The Latest Water Bottle Company Worth Obsessing Over

Yes, your double-wall-insulated, stainless steel, eco-friendly beverage holder of choice (be it your water bottle or tumbler) says something about you. It says that you care. It says that you are committed to living an active life and you care about important things like quality, the planet – by choosing products that are sustainable, and living life on your terms.
So before you keep reading, ask yourself this: are you the type to choose any old beverage container you can find, or are you the type that takes time to research, compare, and carefully choose the water bottle or tumbler that most aligns with your values and lifestyle?
If you’re the latter, read on. And if you’re the former, then you may want to read on anyway, because the brand we’re about to highlight may just change the way you view – and choose – what you put your water, coffee, tea, smoothie, kombucha, (insert other forms of consumables here) in.


The ALEX product line hails from the same spirit of quality beverage holders like YETI, Hydroflask, Camelback, and Corcicle. But ALEX stands apart from these big dogs in some very important ways. Allow us to elaborate:
You’ve seen it – peek inside the depths of your favorite bottle and you’ll find stains, grime, and nastiness that you just can’t reach no matter how hard you scrub.
This was the first problem that ALEX set out to solve. The original ALEX Bottle is a 26oz insulated reusable bottle that you can unscrew from the center into two parts so you can actually clean the entire inside of the bottle.
Other perks of this two-piece bottle? It’s smaller for packing, you can use the bottom half as a drinking cup, and you can even hide a beer bottle in there! For those of you who like to keep it fresh, you can interchange the bottoms from other ALEX bottles for different color variations, sizes and looks. Innovation at its finest.

Here’s Why We Should Care About ALEX

The founders are total badasses. Olympic silver medalist and X Games gold medalist snowboarder Gretchen Bleiler and her husband Chris Hotell are not your typical suits playing in the giant water bottle industry.
ALEX stands for “Always Live Extraordinarily.” And that’s exactly what their products are designed to help you do. Gretchen has a similarly named podcast called The Art of Living Extraordinarily. Definitely check that out!
Both huge outdoor enthusiasts and environmental activists, Gretchen plays a key roll in the non-profit POW (Protect Our Winters). This roll has taken her all the way to the White House and speaking at the United Nations Climate Conference to make real change when it comes to climate policies.
Gretchen, the woman behind ALEX is an inspirational female entrepreneur, athlete, and activist and we think that’s pretty awesome. It’s always refreshing to meet the people behind the brand, and this power couple does not disappoint.

Let’s Meet the Full ALEX Family

Besides the ALEX water bottle, one of our personal faves is the 20oz Insulated Hot/Cold Traveler Tumbler. It keeps hot beverages hot for six hours and cold beverages cold for 18 hours. In our opinion, it’s the best looking and most versatile tumbler on the market.
It has a screw-on lid, removable bottle opener on the bottom (what!?), ergonomic design with thumb indent for better grip, and is super durable with a silicone bottom to protect against dents and powder paint finish to protect from scratches. Many color options are available to match your style and unlike many insulated tumblers, they ARE dishwasher safe!

ALEX also offers a 16oz stainless cup that sells individually, in pairs, or in a pack of four. It has a bottle opener on the bottom and is great for camping, lounging, or sipping on your favorite drink (from water to coffee, beer to kombucha), this cup is also offered in a variety of colors.

A Few Final Details About the ALEX Bottles

ALEX products are all 100% BPA-free and made from premium grade stainless steel. You can return your ALEX Bottle for up to 30-days no questions asked. According to their website, you CAN even put hot lava in the bottle – once. 🙂

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