Incredible AcroYoga Marriage Proposal On a Hawaiian Beach (Video)

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Marriage proposals are always so heart-warming. For the couple, it’s one of the most magical, sacred and memorable moments of their relationship!
AcroYoga is such an intimate practice. You put your trust, and your body, in the hands and feet of the person who acts as your base. They keep you up, and you keep the practice flowing.

AcroYoga is a balance of strength, agility, partnership and faith. That’s why it goes so well with relationships, romance, and in this case . . . wedding proposals.

Love is literally in the air.

The couple, Alec Horan and Steph Gardner had their trip to Hawaii planned for months. What Steph didn’t know was that Alec had the whole proposal planned as well. The beautiful Hawaiian beach made an amazing backdrop for the proposal.

This video tugs at our heartstrings and celebrates love. Watch as this couple begins their practice, and smile as he pops the questions as she balances on his feet. Love is literally in the air.
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Cidney Bachert

Cidney is currently pursuing her journalism degree at the University of Central Florida. She enjoys yoga, cooking and exploring new places. Cidney hopes to encourage others to see the light in life and enjoy the gifts the earth has to give. Eventually, she would like to get her yoga teaching certification and become a holistic health coach.

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