7 Affordable Yoga Retreats You Don’t Want to Miss

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Is life feeling a bit crazy right now?
Are you feeling like a break would be incredibly refreshing?
If so, then a yoga retreat is the perfect way to get away from it all. You’ll get a week or a weekend to truly relax and recharge those batteries.
But for many this can be a problem . . .
Because they feel they just don’t have enough money to go on a retreat.
If you feel like that, we’ve done the research for you and found 7 affordable yoga retreats we recommend that won’t break your budget.

Here are 7 handpicked, affordable yoga retreats you’ll love:


1. 5-Day Sivananda Yoga & Meditation Holiday in Paradise, Bahamas

Dates: Available all year round
*Price: $533
Retreats that are authentic, located in paradise, and take great care of you are gold mines. You won’t get a more authentic offering of yoga than at the Sivananda center.
The ideal choice for going deeper into your yoga practice while experiencing the paradise of the Bahamas.
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.
*Please note that retreat prices are listed in the currency of the country they are hosted in. Due to this, prices may fluctuate slightly based on international exchange rates.

2. 5-Day Revitalizing Yoga and Surf Holiday in Agadir, Morocco

Dates: Available all year round
Price: $540
Imagine practicing yoga at sunrise and sunset, surfing in clear waters, and exploring the ancient exotic culture of Morocco . . .
. . . all while staying in the most relaxing accommodations.
Sound good?
That’s what this yoga and surfing retreat in Agadir is offering. It’s even ok if you’ve never surfed before. Now might be the time the give it a try. 🙂
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.

3. 4-Day Silent Hridaya Meditation Retreat at Lake Titicaca, Peru

Dates: Every month on the full moon
Price: $473
If you’re looking for a meditation retreat in a breathtaking surrounding area, then this is the retreat for you.
Set by Lake Titicaca, you’ll be exploring the depths of meditation while surrounded by incredible peaks, temples, and a serene lake in Peru.
The retreat is offered every month on the full moon – a great way to tap into and ride the cycles of nature.
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.

4. 5-Day Blissful Yoga & Relaxation Retreat in Stunning Bali

Dates: Available all year round
Price: $699
If you’re looking for a place to relax, do some yoga, and be in absolute paradise, then this blissful retreat is for you.
Set in the “Island of the Gods” (Bali), you’ll experience simple and wholesome living on a paradise island. Hard to beat that.
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.

5. 3-Day Detox for the Mind Program in Luxurious Navutu Dreams

Date: All year round
Price: $877
If you’re feeling scattered, overwhelmed, stressed, over-thinking too much, exhausted, burned-out or apathetic, then this retreat is a good match.
Set in the exotic country of Cambodia, this 3-day detox retreat can act as a simple reset button for your life.
This retreat is a nice combination of luxury with affordability. You’ll enjoy being in an upscale resort while you detox your body and mind.
Push the reset button and learn more about this yoga retreat here.

6. 7-Day Nourishing Yoga & Juice-Cleanse Retreat in Portugal

Date: Available all year round
Price: $653
If you’d like to be in the tranquility of nature, get nourished in a home away from home environment, drink tasty raw juices, get deeply rejuvenating sleep, and have time to reflect on your life, then this retreat in Portugal is for you.
Seven days to nourish yourself through yoga and clean living. This retreat offers small class sizes to ensure you have personal attention throughout your time there.
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.

7. 4-Day Rejuvenate & Rebalance Your Body and Mind Yoga Break

Date: Available all year round
Price: $425
Ever wanted to go to Thailand? Feeling ready to rejuvenate your body and mind?
If so, this 4-day retreat on an island in Thailand is the perfect fit.
Imagine waking up to the sounds of the ocean as birds chirp nearby. A meditation session followed by yoga brings you into a deep balance within yourself, refreshing you from the inside out. And this is just the start of your day . . .
Learn more about this yoga retreat here.

Final Words

Did one these retreats feel like it would be a wonderful experience?
If so, then take the next step and contact the host of the retreat through BookRetreats.com.
In today’s fast-paced society, we spend so much time working, in anxiety, and not feeling centered. You deserve to invest in your own well-being, because there’s no greater investment you can make.
Thoughts or questions about going on a retreat? Have you had a magical yoga retreat experience that you’d like to share in the comments below? We love hearing from you!


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