6 Undeniable Reasons Every Yogi Should Try CrossFit

A workout routine that encourages an equal amount of strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, self-discipline, and adaptability . . . that sounds like something that a yogi could get excited about! Now what if I told you that this particular training routine is actually CrossFit?
With CrossFit’s emphasis on balance and flexibility, it’s become more imperative than ever that CrossFit athletes practice yoga . . . but what if it was also true that yogi’s should try CrossFit?

If you’re a yogi, here are 6 reasons why you should try CrossFit before you die:


CrossFit exercises can be modified

CrossFit is a workout routine that can be scaled for any athlete. Not ready for pull-ups, handstand push-ups, or pistol squats? As any good yoga instructor would say, there’s a modification for that! In the same way that we work ourselves up to certain variations of yoga poses, we can also work ourselves up to certain maneuvers in CrossFit.

Boost your Chaturanga

If you’ve always gravitated towards yoga because flexibility came easy to you and now you want to get stronger, then CrossFit is for you! Whether your main focus in CrossFit is on body weight movements or Olympic weight lifting maneuvers, you will build much-needed strength that will help with everything from your chaturanga to your arm balances.


For a lot of yogis, yoga can be a very personal practice and studios tend to encourage inner reflection and a quiet atmosphere. You’ll find the exact opposite at a CrossFit gym. The more intense, ass-kicking nature of CrossFit creates the perfect atmosphere for making lifelong friends. People will always cheer you on, and are more than willing to help you learn a new skill/technique.

Enrich your inversion game

Have you been trying to nail your headstand or handstand for what seems like ages? You might find that the coaching and encouragement you receive at a CrossFit gym is just what you’ve been needing. CrossFit coaches are often excellent at coaching people on how to get into handstands, against the wall or otherwise. You can also practice things like handstand pushups that will help build muscle in your arms and core for more complicated inversions in yoga.

Better balance

Maybe you can nail Dancer pose, Tree, and Warrior 3, but when’s the last time you tried to do a pistol? The combination of strength and flexibility required for things like pistols (single leg squats) and hollow body rocks (a core strengthening exercise) is exactly what yogis need to develop to take their balance to the next level in yoga!


One of the most powerful and profound aspects of CrossFit is the confidence that you will build from regularly dedicating yourself to doing things that seem impossible. CrossFit is supposed to be tough. You’re supposed to sweat and hurt and question whether or not you’ll be able to finish. And when you do finish, you’re able to go out into the world and tackle life with a new level of determination (just like taking yoga off the mat!).

CrossFit is basically the yang to yoga’s yin (pun intended!), balancing all of the peace and serenity you cultivate on your mat with the determination and grit you’ll cultivate in the CrossFit gym. So, the next time you’re looking for something new to try or want to shake up your yoga practice, do CrossFit!
For those of us who do both, we know that our CrossFit training compliments our yoga practice just as much as our yoga practice compliments our CrossFit. Have any questions about trying CrossFit for the first time? Already a CrossFitter and have advice or encouragement you want to share? Please do so in the comments below!

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Alexis Kristan

Lexi is a college student currently studying Psychology at Colorado State University Pueblo. She is passionate about yoga as well as hunting and conservation. Her other interests include: cuddling the family pug, reading classic literature, collecting vinyl records, working cattle at the family ranch, and anything outdoors. You can find her on her blog: welldoneyoga.com


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