5 Healthy Snacks to Keep You Feeling Satisfied and Guilt-Free

Krysta Shannon
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As an active yogi, you probably have an insatiable appetite. You spend a great deal of time working on your physique, but it is equally important to choose nutritious foods and healthy treats to help fuel your day and your fitness goals. You have probably heard the phrase you are what you eat, and in today’s world of genetically modified and processed foods, it is now more important than ever to make conscious choices about the foods you choose to eat.
Whether you’re craving a sweet or savory treat, or maybe a new snack to add to your routine, we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 healthy snacks to keep you feeling satisfied and guilt-free:

JoJo’s Chocolate

JoJo’s Chocolate is a dark chocolate bark that promises to cut sugar cravings when you eat one ounce of chocolate a day for three weeks – and it works! The chocolate was created by JoJo, who when diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, realized that she needed to turn her health around and kick her sugar cravings. She learned the secret of dark chocolate bark from a man who lost 50 pounds in one year, and then she began formulating the recipe, by adding in healthy antioxidant-rich dried cranberries, as well as raw almonds and pistachios that are full of nutrients and slow-digesting protein.

The chocolate is gluten-free and paleo friendly, but most importantly, it tastes delicious! The antioxidant-packed chocolate bark quickly satisfies your sugar cravings and balances your blood sugar levels. Using 70% dark chocolate, the bark is naturally low in sugar, and the assortment of fruits and nuts gives a nice texture and a dose of nutrition! You can snag your own JoJo’s Chocolate on the company’s website or on Amazon



SkinnyPop is not just any old popcorn. It is a guilt-free popcorn snack prepared without artificial or GMO ingredients and preservatives. SkinnyPop is made with premium popcorn kernels, sunflower oil and just a small dash of salt. The flavor varieties include Original, Black Pepper, White Cheddar and Naturally Sweet, and they are oh-so-addictive! The popcorn is slightly sweet and salty – a great combination for a satisfying healthy snack.

SkinnyPop comes in single-serve or family-size bags, so you can eat them on-the-go or share them with your friends and family – if you can tear your hand away from the bag, that is. The small bags are great for portion control and calorie counting, but they are low-calorie, so you won’t feel guilty eating an entire bag or two. Grab your own SkinnyPop at a store near you (http://skinnypop.com/store-locator.html#/map) or through their website skinnypop.com.


Wild Zora

Wild Zora was created after the company’s founder could not find healthy snacks for her family, without grains, gluten, soy or added sugar, and that didn’t taste artificial or gritty and full of nitrites and MSG like beef jerky. The Colorado-based company provides 100% beef, turkey, lamb, and vegetable bars. The bars contain certified-organic vegetables and 100% grass-fed and free-range meat that is free of hormones, antibiotics and nitrites.

The Wild Zora bars are a healthy alternative to sugary and high-carb snacks on the market that often cause sugar crashes shortly after eating. Each meat and veggie bar gives a burst of flavor and there are a variety of flavors to entertain your palette – Chili Beef Bars, Parmesan Cheese and Beef, BBQ Beef, Masala Turkey, and Rosemary Lamb. Unlike dry and gritty beef jerky, the bars are moist, tender and savory and have surprisingly powerful flavors in the little meaty bites. The bars come in 1 oz. single-serve bags with a half-cup of meat and certified-organic fruits and veggies. Pick up your own bags either online (http://wildzora.com/collections/all) or in a store near you (http://wildzora.com/apps/store-locator).


I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah brings the immense health benefits of the superfood quinoa to delicious healthy snacks. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and fiber rich, and it is the only grain that is a complete protein that contains all nine amino acids. The company creates quinoa snacks made with simple, recognizable ingredients that are minimally processed. The company first began with the sweet quinoa clusters and then this year, they launched the puffs.

The Quinoa Puffs are the healthy answer to the cheese puffs of your childhood. The Quinoa Puffs are available in four yummy flavors: Sea Salt Truffle, Aged Cheddar, Herbes De Provence and Sweet Chili, and each contain a whopping 5 grams of protein per serving, plus the added health benefits of quinoa. The Sea Salt Truffle has a hint of salt with a tremendous truffle flavor. The Aged Cheddar has the sweet taste of cheddar but with a subtle hint of peppercorn. The Herbes De Provence has a fresh herb taste. The Sweet Chili packs a little punch with just the right combination of habanero and jalapeno peppers. Purchase yours online or at a local health market near you.



Ginnybakes is a small, family-run company that offers nutritious, gluten-free baked goods that are organic and free of GMOs. Best of all, these cookies are flavorful and have a great texture that puts many other gluten-free products to shame. Ginnybakes cookies are offered in a variety of yummy flavors for you to indulge mindfully.
The Sweet Cinnamon Sugar Love is like a sweet and buttery sugar cookie covered in cinnamon. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Love is a butter cookie with chocolate chips, combining the best of butter cookie and chocolate chip cookie into one tasty, sweet treat. Other flavors include Double Chocolate Cookie Happiness, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Bliss and Dreamy Vegan Cookie Delight, and more. You can try Ginnybakes cookies for yourself by purchasing online or at a store near you.
The next time you are at the store and looking for that healthy-yet-satisfying mid-afternoon or post-yoga snack, check out these sweet and savory, guilt-free treats. No matter which types of snacks you crave, be conscious of what you eat and choose healthy snacks that are made with simple ingredients from natural and organic sources. Snack mindfully and without the guilt, and let your tastebuds have a party you can feel good about!

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