10 Tendencies Highly Successful People Have In Common

We all strive for success. According to Gallup polls, 57 percent of Americans would prefer to start their own business instead of working for someone else. This percent is even higher for millennials, who, according to Forbes, are the true entrepreneur generation. Whether your goal is to start your own company, be a gold-medal Olympian, write a #1 New York Times best-selling novel, etc., you need to start somewhere.
If you analyze the tendencies of successful people you’ll see why they became as successful as they did. While there may not be an exact science for achieving success, if you get down to the basics, you’ll find that the majority of successful individuals all have several tendencies in common.
Here are 10 tendencies of highly successful people:


They are resilient

Successful people make the most out of every situation. If something doesn’t work out the first time, they don’t give up. Successful people always look at the glass as half full and view everything as a positive opportunity for growth, change, and learning.

They count on the sunrise

Ask any influential person (athlete, business owner, etc.) and they will all tell you they wake up with the sunrise. Thoughts, energies and attitudes are clearer in the morning, so stop pressing the “Snooze” button and make the most of your mornings.

They sweat it out

Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happy. Happy people focus their time and energy on positive things, which brings success. Those that exercise and stay active also tend to be determined and confident, both of which are qualities that help drive success.

They know their end game

Without goals, you won’t be able to measure your achievements. Successful people set goals and create vision boards, so they are reminded of what they want in life. When you visualize what you want, it’s easier to go after, as you will already know how that end goal will look and feel.

They live in the present

There is no better time than the present. Successful people know the power of the present, and live by the mantra of “be here now.” They don’t worry about what happened in the past, and instead of wasting time on things that haven’t happened yet, they stay grounded in the here and now.

They invest in themselves

Successful people know what it takes to be strong and powerful. Whether that means purchasing a tailored suit for a business meeting, making nutritious smoothies in the morning to power them through the day, or taking a yoga class at the end of the day to relax and unwind, you need to invest in what is going to make you look, feel, and act your best.

They know like attracts like

Successful people, and people that strive for success, typically surround themselves with other individuals that are successful and have similar goals. If there are negative people in your life that are draining your energy and holding you back from being the best version of yourself, don’t be afraid to let them go.

They live to learn

Some people continue to make the same mistakes, while successful people learn from their mistakes and move on better for it. Successful people view everything and everyone as an opportunity to learn. When you view the world through this lens, it becomes rich with potential.


They know the importance of structure

Calendars, to-do lists, etc. Organization is so important for keeping successful people on track. Between work, family, friends, and more, organization leads to effective time management, which will help boost productivity and success.

They foster good relationships

While a lot of the qualities of successful people are internal and individual, successful people know the power of good relationships. Successful people must be able to be independent, but behind every successful person is also a terrific team.
We all want success. We are all inspired by successful people and their stories. It’s great to have this inspiration. But what if you actually became one of these highly successful people instead of just looking up to them? The tendencies in this list are important, but not rocket science. We can all incorporate more of these into our daily routines to be the most successful, happy, and confident version of ourselves.

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Samantha Wilson

Samantha holds a journalism degree and enjoys sharing her love of a healthy and active lifestyle. She found her way into yoga after a devastating foot and knee injury and has never looked back. She is a recent transplant from Chicago to Charlotte and loves exploring her new city and getting involved in its yoga and running scene.

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