10 Reasons for Skeptics to Try Yoga (Even If You Think It’s Not for You)

Nicole Schmitz
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I’ve dabbled in different types of yoga for years. I so badly wanted to try yoga but always struggled with really creating my own “practice.” Sound familiar?
When I was more concerned about weight loss, I never felt like I was doing enough in yoga classes. I could never turn off my brain and would sometimes get antsy. Savasana (the part at the end of class when you rest and try not to fall asleep) sucked and I wasn’t even sure if I was really doing it the “right” way.
But, seriously, Why is Savasana So F-ing Hard? 10 Musings We’ve All Had in Corpse Pose
“Do more meditation and yoga” was on my New Year’s resolution list every year for at least five years. It would accompany things like “read more” and “drink less wine.” Can you relate?
Last year, my long-time battle with anxiety was reaching an all-time high. So, I sat myself down and said, “Self, this isn’t about burning calories or losing weight, this is about doing the one thing you have yet to do: yoga and meditation.” Since then, I committed to practicing twice a week. And I could not be more grateful for this practice!

Here Are 10 Reasons for You to Try Yoga

In light of my story, here are ten reasons why you should try yoga and let go of any resistant thoughts (even if you think yoga really isn’t for you).

1. You’ll Choose Yoga Over Other Things

You can’t drink wine while at yoga. After class, it’s too late to start drinking some, and before class is clearly not an option. So I choose yoga over wine. And I feel amazing!
This works the same way as skipping happy hour or dinners out or similar social situations. This won’t be the case every day, but it is the perfect reason to put the health of your mind and body before other events that don’t serve you as well.

2. Your Sleep Will Never Be Better

Maybe it’s partly caused by the decrease in wine intake but yoga just helps you sleep. It increases your feel-good hormones, helps you to clear your mind, and detoxes the body.
These things all improve your sleep (or maybe just make you more tired).

3. Yoga Makes You Stronger

Over time, all of those Downward Dogs and Planks make a major difference in your strength, stamina, and flexibility. I am officially stronger and better at my practice than I was months ago, and I’m still improving. I always will be. That’s another beautiful part of yoga . . .


4. You’ll Always Have Something to Work On

Even yoga experts and long-time teachers are still improving their practices, growing, and learning more about themselves and their practices as time goes on. Once you get the meditation part down, your experiences will be endless.
Not sure where to start? Try: The Perfect 30-Minute Beginner Yoga Flow (FREE Class)

5. Yoga Lets You Truly Focus on Yourself

For some people, this is hard. It’s hard to take time away from work or family responsibilities, but it’s only an hour, folks.
Once, at the start of class, a teacher said something like, “Now, surrender to the fact that you’re here,” and I just loved it. Surrender to the fact that you’re not with your kids, you’re not doing laundry, you’re not checking email. And no matter what you do, while you’re on this mat, you have nothing else to think or do besides this.

6. It Doesn’t Matter How “Good” You Are

For once in my life, I really, honestly, do not care what the people around me are doing or thinking. Yoga is for all body types and levels.
I’m far from advanced. I don’t do Headstands and I’m very confident in choosing Child’s Pose when I get overwhelmed. But if the guy next to me wants to spend a few minutes in a Handstand, it definitely won’t make me think any less of myself. We’re all there for ourselves.

7. Yoga Improves Sex

Think about it. If you’re more in tune with your body, improving your flexibility, strength, mood, decreasing depression and anxiety, and improving your overall health, how could it not improve your sex life? If that’s not a good reason to try yoga, what is?


8. Yoga Forces You to Meditate

Meditation is a struggle. But it is within reach. And yoga asana is a form of moving meditation. You learn to breathe with your movements, to focus on nothing but the moment, and, eventually, the meditation just happens.
Not sure where to begin with meditation? Read this Mindfulness Meditation Guide: How to Start a Daily Practice

9. Adjustments Are the Best Part

Not all teachers do this but, when they do, it’s simply heavenly. When you begin to rest and relax as your class closes – after all the hard work, the heat, and the stretching (literally and figuratively) – and your teacher comes around and releases your hips or back or emphasizes your movements, it’s indescribable. Nothing can explain the amazingness!
Tell your teachers if you prefer to be adjusted or not, but my vote is always: oh gawd, yes!

10. Yoga Gives You Time

You own your yoga time. Just you. No one else gets to take this time away from you, ask for your attention, share their opinion, interrupt you, need you, or distract you. Even if you’re a busy executive or a mother, this time belongs to you and you alone.
You’re in this room on this mat and nowhere else. Own it and make it yours.

Go Out There and Try Yoga!

We all know it’s not always easy to try new things, to step out of your comfort zone, or to enter a room of strangers in Spandex and do things you never knew your body was capable of. But with that being said, sometimes that which scares us is exactly what we need (or at least need to work toward).
Even if this is new for you, understand the benefits and possibilities that can come from starting a yoga practice rather than assume you know what to expect and what your experience will be like.
Each class, teacher, and student (that means you!) is unique, and so your experience will be too. Try yoga in spite of all your doubts and see where your journey takes you.
Ready to begin your yoga journey? Practice Beginner Yoga Basics with YogiApproved.com Classes!

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Nicole Schmitz

Nicole L. Schmitz is a Mama, Certified Health and Nutrition Counselor, Medicinal Aromatherapist, yogi and writer. She uses easy to understand nutritional knowledge to support others as they navigate the world of natural health. She loves living by the beach, creating art, and inspiring others to make better healthy lifestyle choices every day.


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