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Yoga for Beginners – Learn Downward Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga (Free Class)

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There are certain yoga poses you’ll practice nearly every time in a Vinyasa style yoga class. There are three key poses that you’re pretty much guaranteed to practice in every Vinyasa class: Downward Facing Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga.
In this 12-minute video from the Intro to Vinyasa Yoga bundle, we will break down the foundations of these three yoga poses so you learn proper alignment, muscle engagement, and the inside scoop on how to practice these poses safely and effectively. You will come away feeling strong and confident in your Down Dog, Plank, and Chaturanga practice.

Interested in taking more classes from this 6-class video bundle? Check out the Intro to Vinyasa Yoga bundle.

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