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A Beautiful Morning Flow (video)

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Start your morning off right with a little inspiration from yoga teacher Krista Marie Starr in her video titled Mornings.

Thank you for the beautiful video Krista!

The jam in the video is “Heaven” by The Rolling Stones 🙂

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After a little morning yoga flow, a healthy breakfast is key! Here are 6 of our go-to healthy breakfast options.


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  • Krista Marie Starr

    Thank you for the post and kind words TJ. With love. Krista Marie.

    • http://www.yogiapproved.com/ YogiApproved

      Thank you for the beautiful video Krista Marie!

  • MSBS

    This must be the most beautyfully raw video of yoga I’ve EVER seen! On so many levels. THANK you for this piece of art on (yoga) art. NAMASTÉ.

    • http://www.yogiapproved.com/ YogiApproved

      Thank you for watching!

  • Quana

    This is my favorite yoga video. I watch it from time to time as inspiration for my own practice. Thank you for this.

    • http://www.yogiapproved.com/ YogiApproved

      We love it too!

  • Sibel Patricia Hernández

    Love it!!! Amazing!

  • Weiting Wu

    may I know the name of the backfround music?

    • http://www.yogiapproved.com/ YogiApproved

      Hey Weiting, the song is “Heaven” by The Rolling Stones

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  • moonhonu

    love it! 🙂

  • jammmie

    That’s the way to do it. I have one of those cups and it’s always too hot to drink from with tea.

    So that’s how you do it. Do some amazing inspiring yoga, and then drink the tea.

    Someone (who happens to be a yoga teacher) once told me that tea from a bag is basically floor scrapings and she looks down on it. She’s Russian. So she looks down on it with an accent, and possibly a bit more expression than some. Like despicable. Snuffing her nose.

    She’s quite inspiring too, as are ALL yogi’s

    (beautiful yogi’s)

    Maybe the nature of our tea can be quite improved. We don’t want it to impoverish our bodies but nurture it so we’re all strong beautiful people.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about poverty and such lately, and how i define poverty is quite different that was is considered acceptable definition by some.

    The management of wealth is a big thing.

    You always think of people who protect their things as not being poor.

    But i think considering something YOUR thing may be more poor.

    And if you had to protect it so much maybe that comes from lack.

    And you see the way people spend time and money as actually impoverishing the world.

    If you look at the potential to actually fight over air. That is not a result of wealth or riches.. That is poor people.

    Taking resources from the ground like oil and then taking metal and then producing cars (hurting air and water) and then burning the gas and further hurting the air and water.. and all the life.

    These actions are impoverishing actions.

    If you are wealthy or rich your actions don’t create poverty. The create wealth and abundance. There’s a saying “what he touches turns to gold”

    and you can apply a sort of rule where if you’re a rich person, what you do and touch turns to riches..

    Where a poor person, poor mentality, lack mentality, will create the opposite.

    So if you see someone (sorry donald trump) flying a helicopter to drop a gold table 50 stories up to get it into his penthouse, is this action creating poverty or wealth and abundance?

    Things like water should never be fought over (never say never)

    Like air.. Like the soil, and the things they produce, like food.

    If someone’s great idea is to own this soil, that comes from poverty.

    that is lack.

    If i take a carrot from your land, why is it YOUR land.

    these fights are poverty stricken.

    Abundance doesn’t dwell on lack.

    If your mind switches to “where’s my carrot, i cannot eat now”

    that is lack.

    It really is.

    People who create a world where those things don’t need to be fought over..

    they are wealthy, they are living in abundance.

    A superficial gage for abundance is the amount of dollars you have considering the mere production of these dollars creates lack. It actually pollutes our environment.

    It makes it hard to breathe for animals. Takes away their lives, habitats.

    It doesn’t support life.

    If your game plan for life is “we’ll fight over this land, so we have this food, and we’ll maintain high ground, so these people can’t get it”

    that is a function of lack.

    If your water is being polluted as we speak.. like think of that right there.

    you think of someone busy at the computer while his food in the oven is burning.. a form of waste right. like a waste of time, money, food, etc.

    well think of right now, there’s plants (factory’s) operating that are destroying our air and water.

    These aren’t people who are creating wealth.

    They may be billionaires but they are dirt. No offence.

    If you are wealth, what you do is creating wealth. It is that simple.

    You have no need to even watch the water, like someone may not need to watch the timer on the stove..

    Like it’s not about being perfect in any sense at all don’t get me wrong.

    But if the results of your actions are creating any sort of impoverishment.. you’re not rich.

    Let alone people who think they support life.

    Like “i have a family and need to pay medical bills, and yadda yadda yadda” “college”

    You are not a supporter or life and you do not care for people If what you’re doing is hurting people. If it doesn’t not support life, it does not support life. Very simple concept. It is not helping life unless it in fact is helping life. Period.

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