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This Viral Video Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Michelle Stanger
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Have you ever caught yourself labeling people and placing them in their appropriate “boxes”? You’re not alone, but it is time that we all change this negative, alienating pattern.
This powerful video demonstrates how much we actually have in common with complete strangers. And although the world wants to label people and place them in their “appropriate” boxes, it is time we see people for what they really are . . . people – just like everyone else.
On a yoga level, this is the concept behind “namaste.” The light in you, me, and each of us, is the same light inside everyone. A beautiful, comforting, and important reminder.
After you’ve watched this video, please share it and help start a new pattern of love, acceptance, and compassion.

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Michelle Stanger

Michelle is living the yoga mom life and loving every second. She believes all beings deserve joy, peace and love and aims to be an example. Forever grateful for her yoga practice, she is honored to be able to share as a yoga teacher and Editor here at YogiApproved.com.

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