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I Did a TeaTox – Here’s What Happened (Before & After Photos)

Krysta Shannon
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Tiny Tea Teatox by Your Tea, is a 28-day detox based upon traditional Chinese Medicine Principles. It is a blend of herbs that nourish and cleanse your digestive system. The 28-day system helps to restore your body back to optimal health, and the website encourages users to avoid excess fat, sugar and salt, gluten, raw fruits and vegetables, and other hard-to-digest foods from your diet. Tiny Tea suggests that people on and off the teatox eat wholesome, natural, and unprocessed foods, served warm (above 98.6 degrees).



The Science

The science behind the tea explains that when your stomach struggles to digest foods, your body doesn’t receive the nutrients it requires, which can lead to weight gain, fatigue, headaches, constipation or diarrhea. Additionally, skin ailments such as acne, blackheads, rashes, eczema and psoriasis can be attributed to internal imbalances.

Indirectly, the tea can help you lose excess weight by restoring your system to efficient operation. The tea inspires your body to create stronger, purer blood, which makes you feel energized without caffeine. The philosophy behind the tea is simple: when your body performs efficiently, you should not have excess weight.

The website explains that digestion is a process that requires warm energy, and that raw and cold foods can slow digestion and lead to weight gain. Additionally, cold drinks are on the “foods to avoid” list because they also slow digestion.


My 28 Days on Tiny Tea

I began my Tiny Tea teatox in January with the hope of whittling my waistline and eliminating some of the harm I did to my body between Thanksgiving and the New Year. As the website recommended, I drank the tea 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner. I followed their food guide (listed here), which essentially eliminated processed foods and included wholesome, natural foods. I wanted to make sure that I could maintain the meal plan beyond the 28 days, and I enjoy breads and pasta, so I made the switch to become gluten free and learned to bake my own fresh breads and treats.

As far as obvious “no foods,” I already do not drink soda and I haven’t had any fried foods in almost three years, but I knew that the other “no” foods – raw, sugary or salty foods – were not going to be easy to kick. And, eliminating raw foods from my diet was the most challenging. Almost every night for many years, I have eaten a large salad with raw fruits and vegetables. On the teatox, I switched to hot, homemade meals that included plenty of healthy grains, beans, vegetables and homemade soups. While at first I thought the diet alterations were going to be limiting, I found myself learning to cook new meals that I loved and that kept me full and satisfied.

In the past, I would commonly end my day with some treat out of a bag, such as processed desserts, cakes, chocolate or baked potato chips that weren’t very good for my waistline. This teatox pushed me to eliminate those snacks that really weren’t necessary for my happiness. I learned to make delicious and nutritious desserts and snacks without chemicals or preservatives and with minimal sugar and salt, such as chia seed pudding or gluten free raisin scones.


The Results

Due to vanity reasons, I will not list my start or ending weight, but I can happily say that I lost five pounds during the first six days on the teatox, and nine pounds and four inches off my waist and two inches off each thigh at the end of the 28-day Tiny Tea teatox. I’m also no longer bloated and I feel energized and fantastic.

I have done diets in the past where I have weighed and measured every ounce of food that went into my body, and I felt less hungry and cranky at the end of the day. The teatox is not a diet in the reduction of food intake sense, and it is the first program that I can eat what I want and as much as I want, and still lose weight.

I enjoyed becoming more creative with my weekly meal plans and found nutritious substitutes for my not-so-healthy go-to meals of the past. That is not to say that I won’t cheat with a great piece of regular Italian bread or glass of wine every once in a while, but for the most part, I’m going to stick with my new food lifestyle. I cannot imagine going back to the way I ate or felt before. I already purchased two additional boxes of Tiny Tea – one box for this month and a second box for emergency cups when I need a boost of energy or some digestive maintenance. The moral of the story is that, if you’re like me and seeking a healthy, lasting change that works, look no further than Tiny Tea! This stuff is YogiApproved!

Here are my before and after photos. I hope they inspire you as they do me.

Tiny teatox before and after

Giveaway!!! – Comment below and let us know why you want to try the Tiny Tea teatox and you will be entered to win a free 14day teatox from YourTea.com. We will pick a winner on March 1st.

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  • http://www.sapphiresoul.com Sapphire Soul

    Wow Krysta amazing, you look great!

  • http://bookfawn.tumblr.com/ Liana Veksler

    nice! I like the eating warm foods idea.

    • https://healthygreenandfree.wordpress.com/ mskrystabelle

      It makes such a difference!

  • oriane

    Whaou cela t’as vraiment reussi , I want to try it too because i am living like a Yogi ,only veg , i try to be very attentive at all that i eat but i can not lose weight …i try also to drink a lot off warm water but tea will change the taste …
    You look beautiful
    Thank you

    • https://healthygreenandfree.wordpress.com/ mskrystabelle

      Thanks! I feel better than I ever have before!

  • vchx

    I want to try it as i would love to see all of its affects not just weight loss (although this would brilliant as nothing seems to work for me!) but feeling healthier with better skin! plus i love herbal teas so would love to try this one!

    • https://healthygreenandfree.wordpress.com/ mskrystabelle

      I feel so healthy now! I feel like this tea has taught me to have a new relationship with food.

  • Shatara Krupala

    I’d like to try it, mostly to give me a push to drop unhealthy eating habits. I could definitely use the benefits of healthier eating.

  • mountain mom

    I would love to lose the last few pounds that no matter how much I do, just won’t leave… thanks to getting older and having kids 🙂 Weight loss would be great, but feeling energized and overall better would be the biggest perk!

  • Lisa

    I would like to try it to increase my energy level, clear up my acne and blackheads, and help change my unhealthy eating habits.

  • Sabrina Ford

    I would like to try the teatox to feel healthier and be able to focus better in school!

  • Colleen LaGasse

    I would love to give this a try to aid in my digestion and food absorption. (and if I lose a couple of pounds and clean up my insides in the process – well that would be an added bonus!)

  • Elli Skourogianni

    I really want to try it cause i cant wait to feel energized and healthier. Looks it had great results on you. Thank you 🙂

  • Stacy

    I would love to try this! I started working out 6 days a week with a primary focus on yoga in December and have lost 13 inches and 9lbs, but have a lot yet to lose. While I have not done a detox in a while, I know how good they are to help jump-start weightloss. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Kelly

    I would love to try the teatox in order to clean out my body and to feel healthier. I have also struggled with acne for a long time, so I am hoping this may be able to help with that!

  • Lisa Suki Koski

    This sounds like something I need to do. I don’t need/want to “diet” but I really need to get away from processed foods. I’ll go in spurts and eat well for a while but then life/stress get in the way and I’ll give in to the ease of premade crap. I’d like to have more energy and feel good both inside and out!

  • Fiona Hill

    I want to try in order to rid my body of various toxins in order to start a new, healthier lifestyle

  • Amanda Do

    I’ve heard about Tiny Tea and have been wanting to try this.

  • Donna

    I would love to try this to see if it kick starts some weight loss – I plateaued a while back and can’t seem to make any more forward progress. Also, tea is my favorite beverage, and I’d love to try some new varieties!

  • Gabriela

    I am a vegan, and I would like to detox to finish eliminating all those nasty left overs in my body from all the previous bad food! thanks!

  • Alyssa

    I have been searching for a way to get back into the swing of my healthy lifestyle. I’m finally where I want to be on the inside, now I just need to FEEL like my body matches. First things first! I need to start with Tiny Tea!

  • Lena

    I have done a lot of research on different types of teatoxs and i would love to compare my results with tiny tea to others i have already completed! I could even post a video and pictures. I have heard many great things about it but i have yet to try it!

  • Pam Williams-Rombado

    I would like to try this tea. I am having a hard time losing fat in my stomach. I have just gotten on board with Yoga and love it for all the reasons people start doing it. I don’t like taking pills and have made a major change in my eating habits already.

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Krysta Shannon

Krysta is a staff writer and product review guru at YogiApproved. She believes in the powers of healing crystals and essential oils, and never leaves home without them. Krysta is a true Jersey girl (in the best sort of way) who embraces a non-toxic and all-natural lifestyle.

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